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Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present, and Future (2018) — Forfatter — 176 eksemplarer
The City on the Other Side (2018) 112 eksemplarer
Toil and Trouble (2016) 52 eksemplarer
Batgirl Vol. 5: Art of the Crime (2019) 24 eksemplarer
Batgirl Vol. 6: Old Enemies (2019) 22 eksemplarer
The Transformers: Windblade (2014) 21 eksemplarer
Transformers: Combiner Wars (2015) — Forfatter — 18 eksemplarer
Transformers: Till All Are One, Volume 1 (2016) — Forfatter — 17 eksemplarer
Transformers/G.I. Joe: First Strike (2018) — Forfatter — 9 eksemplarer
Revolution: Transformers (2017) 6 eksemplarer
First Strike #0 4 eksemplarer
Toil and Trouble #4 (2015) 4 eksemplarer
Toil and Trouble #5 (2016) 4 eksemplarer
Toil and Trouble #6 (2016) 3 eksemplarer
Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors [2018 TV movie] (2018) — Screenwriter — 2 eksemplarer
Transformers: Till All Are One #4 (2016) 2 eksemplarer
Transformers: Till All Are One #5 (2016) 2 eksemplarer
Toil and Trouble #1 (2015) 2 eksemplarer
Toil and Trouble #2 (2015) 2 eksemplarer
Toil and Trouble #3 (2015) 2 eksemplarer
Swords of Sorrow: Chaos! Prequel - Four Queens & a Jack (2015) — Forfatter — 2 eksemplarer
Batgirl (2016-) #30 1 eksemplar
Magic: Master of Metal #1 (2021) 1 eksemplar
Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts [2019 TV special] (2019) — Writer — 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

Transformers: Titans Return (2017) — Forfatter — 10 eksemplarer
Transformers Holiday Special (2015) — Forfatter — 3 eksemplarer
Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special (2016-) #1 (2016) — Bidragyder — 3 eksemplarer

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The book is okay. I wasn’t in love with it but I know it’s a good story and well done.
mlstweet | 2 andre anmeldelser | Nov 27, 2023 |
A fun way to learn about robots and drones. The illustrations are fun and the language is easy to read.
wallace2012 | 3 andre anmeldelser | Nov 4, 2023 |
In the wake of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Isabel is a sheltered society girl, largely ignored by her socialite mother (who only cares that she keeps her dress clean) and her sculptor father (who gets caught up in his work). But it turns out the earthquake wasn't just a natural disaster; it was partly the result of a war between the Seelie and Unseelie, and Isabel gets caught up in the conflict. She finds help from a thief named Benjie and a Seelie called Button, and together they work to return a powerful necklace to the Seelie princess.


"You never know what's around a corner until you take the turn." (19)

"Our worlds aren't separate...just because [the Veil] separates us doesn't mean we don't affect each other." (44)

"But they're wrong, not us. We're not worthless or useless." (154)

"Ruling is not about finding a use for others....It is about making yourself useful to them." (186)
… (mere)
JennyArch | 7 andre anmeldelser | Jul 29, 2023 |
Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The Sea Serpent's Heir has a lot going for it but it doesn't quite come together. I love the color palette, and the character illustrations but, weirdly, those elements don't always mesh together. Taken individually, they're great, but they don't serve the overall story as well as they could have with a little more thought behind them. Considering that, the series is really not far off from being a good comic!… (mere)
thenthomwaslike | 2 andre anmeldelser | Jul 24, 2023 |



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Associated Authors

Jacob Chabot Illustrator
Corin Howell Illustrator
Agustin Padilla Illustrator
Sarah Stone Illustrator
John Barber Author, Editor, Contributor
Livio Ramondelli Illustrator
Max Dunbar Illustrator
Mirka Andolfo Illustrator
John Green Cover designer, Designer
Stephen Mayer Colorist
Sabine Hauert Introduction
Chris Dickey Cover designer
Dave Roman Editor
James Smith Contributor
Rob Steen Designer
John Wycough Illustrator
Naoto Tsushima Illustrator
Priscilla Tramontano Cover artist, Colorist
Tom B. Long Letterer
Marcelo Ferreira Illustrator
Ron Estevez Designer
Brian Shearer Illustrator
James Raiz Illustrator
Netho Diaz Illustrator
Walden Wong Illustrator
Alex Milne Illustrator
Andrew Griffith Illustrator
Kotteri Illustrator
Nick Roche Contributor
Joyce Chin Cover artist


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