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Like many band directors, I had my own way of warming up the band
in preparation for our concert music. I would describe an exercise, and the
students would play it. After a while, they began to learn the different
exercises. However, after my first year of teaching, I realized this procedure
was very inefficient. At this point, I looked into purchasing warm up books
for the band. With a seventy-five member junior high band, we were
expecting to pay nearly five hundred dollars. Aside from the large cost, I
wasn't happy with the available books. Many books focus entirely on one
area of performing, which was fine as long· as I was' willing to purchase a
number of books to cover each area. Finally I decided the best solution was to
create my own warm up book for junior high and senior high bands.
"In instrumental music, it is practically impossible to put too much
emphasis on the need for a reasonable mastery of fundamentals from the
very beginning." (Weber 1957) Fundamentals are imperative for a
developing band. The very definition of fundamental is "of or, serving as a
foundation, essential, basic." (Oxford Dictionary 1996) Relating this concept
to sports can sometimes help a student understand why these boring
fundamentals should be played every day.
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