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In general music education today, instructing students how to play recorder is a
popular unit to teach. Many instructional resources are available to music educators,
including method books, compact discs, and accompaniment music. There is a need for
a comparison of these numerous resources that is presented in an organized manner, to
enable music educators to select materials that are desirable and appropriate for their
I approached this problem by first selecting five popular and readily available
recorder method books to use with my five different fourth-grade music classes during
their recorder unit. I also obtained seven other lesser-known recorder method books to
examine. Each method book is summarized in an overview. Also, I noted aspects of
each book, including order of note introduction, fingering charts, music/recorder history,
rhythm and theory approach, available materials, and the different types of pieces
included in the method books; i.e., folk songs, holiday pieces, classical transcriptions. In
addition, my fourth grade students were given a survey upon completion of their recorder

unit in order to reflect on the student appeal of the five recorder method books field-
tested in the classroom.

This project presents a comprehensive guide to a cross-section of the recorder
method books available to the general music educator and will facilitate selection of an
appropriate method book for elementary classroom use.
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