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Robert J. Sawyer was born in Ottawa on April 29, 1960, but raised in Toronto. In 1980, while still in high school, Sawyer submitted a short story to the the Rochester Museum and Science Center, which was running a contest for light show ideas. Sawyer didn't win, but the Museum purchased his story vis mere Motive anyway and it ran for 192 performances. Sawyer went on to attend Toronto's Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, majoring in Radio and Television Arts. In September 1979, he had his first piece of fiction published at the end of his first year, in Ryerson's literary annual, White Wall Review. Sawyer graduated from Ryerson in 1982. Sawyer was hired back the following semester to teach television studio production techniques to second- and third-year students. In the four months interim, he worked for minimum wage at the local SF bookstore, spending all his earnings on books. From 1984 to 1992, while teaching, Sawyer also coordinated a social group of Toronto-area science-fiction writers founded by SF editor Judith Merril. He established a Canadian region of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America; and in 1998, served as that organization's president. Sawyer also retained freelance nonfiction writing contracts, writing articles for newspapers and magazines, press releases and brochures for corporations, newsletters for government departments. He churned out vast amounts of promotional materials and over 200 articles for computing and personal-finance magazines in a span of five years. But in that time, his only really significant publication was the novelette Golden Fleece, which appeared as the cover story in the September 1988 edition of Amazing Stories. The novel-length Golden Fleece was sold to Warner Books a year later in 1989. The sales of his first five books were uninspiring and Sawyer faced being dropped by his publisher. Sawyer decided to take the time to write a book, without a contract, take as long as necessary, and produce a blockbuster. He also wanted to tackle a controversial issue and deal with it head on. With that in mind, Sawyer wrote The Terminal Experiment, about abortion and the soul. His publisher rejected it on grounds of controversy. HarperPrism then bought the book and serialization rights were sold to Analog, the number-one best-selling English-language SF magazine. The Terminal Experiment went on to win the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America's Nebula Award for Best Novel of 1995. His novel Frameshift was his first book published in hardcover, and was nominated for the Hugo Award, and won Japan's Seiun Award for best foreign novel of the year. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Frameshift (1997) 574 eksemplarer
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Distant Early Warnings (2009) — Redaktør — 27 eksemplarer
You See, But You Do Not Observe (1997) 20 eksemplarer
The Downloaded (2024) 17 eksemplarer
Tesseracts 6 (1997) — Redaktør; Introduktion — 14 eksemplarer
Peking Man (1996) 7 eksemplarer
The Shoulders of Giants (2000) 7 eksemplarer
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Just Like Old Times (1993) 5 eksemplarer
PULP Literature No.7: Summer 2015 (2015) 4 eksemplarer
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Stream Of Consciousness (1999) 4 eksemplarer
Come All Ye Faithful (2003) 3 eksemplarer
Forever (1997) 3 eksemplarer
The Contest (1980) 2 eksemplarer
Fallen Angel (2000) 2 eksemplarer
The Good Doctor 2 eksemplarer
Gator (1997) 2 eksemplarer
The Abdication of Pope Mary III (2000) 2 eksemplarer
Childhood's End 2 eksemplarer
The Blue Planet (1999) 2 eksemplarer
Lost in the Mail (1995) 2 eksemplarer
The Right's Tough 1 eksemplar
ROLLBACK 4 1 eksemplar
Flashes 1 eksemplar
www. Wonder - Mucize (2019) 1 eksemplar
WWW 3 – La mente 1 eksemplar
Wake 1 1 eksemplar
Pelle di scarto (Robotica) (2016) 1 eksemplar
Wake 2 1 eksemplar
Stories 3: Time 1 eksemplar
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Uphill Climb [short story] (1987) 1 eksemplar
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Ours to Discover [short story] (1982) 1 eksemplar
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ROLLBACK 3 1 eksemplar
ROLLBACK 2 1 eksemplar
Ineluctable 1 eksemplar
Hominids 4 1 eksemplar
Wake 4 1 eksemplar
Wake 3 1 eksemplar

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As much as I want to say I enjoyed this book, which I did through approximately half, I was deterred from fully liking it by its politically pushed finish. The story itself was really good, but I really didn't need to feel right or wrong reading it depending on which side of the political spectrum I was on.
Kerrazyscott | 1 anden anmeldelse | Feb 26, 2024 |
This is a bridging novel and I'm looking forward to book 3 and the resolution of several plot lines.

Webmind goes public during this and governments get nervous about it's potential. Caitlin still sees it as a friend and wants to see it prosper. She and her parents keep trying to ensure that it understands morals and the dilemmas that are in navigating the world and at the same time ensure that it doesn't just decide that humanity is a plague on the world. I am wondering if Azimov's laws of robotics are going to get a mention at some stage, though WebMind seems to be a little more advanced than that.

It's an interesting read with some interesting layers building and I hope it continues into book 3.
… (mere)
wyvernfriend | 40 andre anmeldelser | Feb 17, 2024 |
(2000)(audio)Very good SF story about first contact with an alien race that comes in peace and reveals that they have proof that God exists and is responsible for everything that occurs in the universe. It leads a Toronto paleontologist to go on a quest to find the meaning of life and God even though he doesn't initially believe.(Amazon.com) Creationists rarely find sympathy in the ranks of science fiction authors--or fans, for that matter. And while Robert J. Sawyer doesn't exactly make peace with evangelicals on the issue, Calculating God has to be one of the more thoughtful and sympathetic SF portrayals you'll find of religion and intelligent design. But that should come as no surprise from this crafty Canadian: in the Nebula Award-winning Terminal Experiment, Sawyer speculated on what would happen if hard evidence were ever found for the human soul; in Calculating God, he turns science on its head again when earth is invaded by theists from outer space.The book starts out like the setup for some punny science fiction joke: An alien walks into a museum and asks if he can see a paleontologist. But the arachnid ET hasn't come aboard a rowboat with the Pope and Stephen Hawking (although His Holiness does request an audience later). Landing at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the spacefarer (named Hollus) asks to compare notes on mass extinctions with resident dino-scientist Thomas Jericho. A shocked Jericho finds that not only does life exist on other planets, but that every civilization in the galaxy has experienced extinction events at precisely the same time. Armed with that disconcerting information (and a little help from a grand unifying theory), the alien informs Jericho, almost dismissively, that "the primary goal of modern science is to discover why God has behaved as he has and to determine his methods."Inventive, fast-paced, and alternately funny and touching, Calculating God sneaks in a well-researched survey of evolution science, exobiology, and philosophy amidst the banter between Hollus and Jericho. But the book also proves to be very moving and character-driven SF, as Jericho--in the face of Hollus's convincing arguments--grapples with his own bitter reasons for not believing in God. --Paul Hughes… (mere)
derailer | 58 andre anmeldelser | Jan 25, 2024 |
Very good SF sequel to Hominids when two universes interact. Love story is a weak point but ending was worth the wait as Ponter exacts vengeance for Mary's rape by castrating rapist, their version of Justice.
derailer | 28 andre anmeldelser | Jan 25, 2024 |



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