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The Rule of One (2018) 264 eksemplarer
Exiles (2022) — Forfatter — 99 eksemplarer
The Rule of Many (2019) — Forfatter — 53 eksemplarer
The Rule of All (2020) 29 eksemplarer
Intruders (Exiles Book 2) (2023) 5 eksemplarer

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Found: YA? Dystopian Fiction i Name that Book (september 2021)


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Eh. Nothing particularly new or original, writing was average and at times kind of weird. Little details didn't make sense, like a character saying the light from behind someone made a badge on his front perfectly shiny and clear... With light from behind him... So he'd be a silhouette of darkness.... Maybe I'm just also not that interested in "fugitive on the run" stories, which is 80% of this book. Just hiding in fields and sneaking into trucks. Eh.

I suppose the telling factor is that I don't plan to be reading the sequel.
… (mere)
Jenniferforjoy | Jan 29, 2024 |
I was really excited to get this book because I had told myself that I was excited about this one, but I got a chapter in and then read the blurb and gave myself a skeptical look. Still can't figure out why I had hyped myself up for this one, because wow, have we read this story before ninety million times. There's always a secret sibling, there's always a child law.

Kept reading because I thought maybe Past-Me had had some motivation to be excitement, but the writing was pretty meh as well and this kind of just fell flat on every level. The characters had differences that were obviously put in there just to make them different, but they didn't actually feel like different people.

For a moment I thought maybe this would be redeemed when the characters enter Glacier County in Montana (hello, I left my soul there) but alas, there were just location labels being thrown around. Sigh.
… (mere)
whakaora | 4 andre anmeldelser | Mar 5, 2023 |
I'm going to be honest. This book just wasn't for me. The beginning was really interesting and I was excited to see where it was headed and then it sort of fell off a bit. The premise of this book was a fascinating one, but I just found I couldn't keep up with it.
klcarmack | 4 andre anmeldelser | Nov 12, 2021 |
Overall an engaging read. Interesting concept having identical twins forced to pretend that they are one person. The girls' father is even a prominent figure in the government, in charge of enforcing the "one child" policy.
Lots of action.
Looks like there's definitely room for a sequel?
joyceclark | 4 andre anmeldelser | Apr 4, 2019 |


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½ 3.4

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