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I. Daniel Rupp (1803–1878)

Forfatter af Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in Pennsylvania

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Contains: Preface; Errata; Index.

Introduction: Chapter I (General history of Pennsylvania through settlements along the Susquehanna River). Chapter II (General character of the Germans, settlers and settlement, etc.). Chapter III (The Irish or Scotch-Irish). Chapter IV (Indian Massacres, 1727 and 1744). Chapter V (Indian Massacres, 1754). Chapter VI (Indian Massacres, 1755). Chapter VII (Indian Massacres, 1756). Chapter VIII (Indian Massacres, 1757-1762). Chapter IX (Indian Massacres, 1763-1778). Chapter XI (Indians Massacred at Carlisle, 1760). Chapter XII (Indians Massacred in Lancaster County, 1763). Chapter XIII (Indians Massacred at Penn's Creek, 1768). Chapter XIV (Son of Seneca George, Shot, 1769).

Dauphin County (History, establishment, population table of 1840, streams of the county, John Harris settlement, Landis's Mill, Harris' Ferry, Harrisburg at present, streets and alleys, churches of Harrisburg, Fort Hunter and Fort Halifax, Middletown, Portsmouth, Hummelstown, towns [including Millersburg, Berrysburg, Wiconisco - referred to as Wisconisco, and Oak Dale], etc.).

Cumberland County (History, reduced, population table of 1840, whites intrude upon Indian or unpurchased land, early incidents in Carlisle, Borough of Carlisle, other boroughs and towns and villages

Franklin County (History, erection of county, population table of 1840, Falling Springs, Champersburg, Mercersburg, other towns, Loudon, Greencastle, first settlers)

Bedford County (County erected, population table of 1840, Bedford Borough, Martinsburg and other towns, first settlers).

Adams County (County organized, population table of 1840, Gettysburg, Petersburg, other towns, boundary line between Maryland and Pennsylvania, first settlers).

:Perry County (county organized, population table of 1840, towns, first settlers).

Appendix. Contains various documents including names of subscribers.

Index compiled for this reprint edition by John Cecil Fralish Jr., of the Cumberland County Historical Society.
… (mere)
PAHistorian | Feb 22, 2013 |
A reprint of the Dauphin County section of Rupp's History of Dauphin County, Cumberland County, Franklin County, Franklin County, Bedford County, Adams County, Perry County, Somerset County, Cambria County, and Indiana Counties. pages 201-335. Header sections include: Dauphin County (Preliminary remarks; Erection of counties; Dauphin separated from Lancaster County; Original extent and boundaries of Lancaster; Erection of townships within the boundaries of Dauphin and Lebanon, viz, Peshtank or Paxton Township, Lebanon Township, Derry Township, etc.; Names of taxables, or of early settlers; miscellaneous; Hanover Township erected; early settlers in); Dauphin County established, etc.; Census of Dauphin County, 1840 (table); Dauphin County - Harris settled at Peixtan or Peshtank, etc.; Landis's Mill; An Estimate of the Proportion of Each Citizen of Harrisburg to Purchase the Mill; Harris' Ferry; Harrisburg, at Present; Streets and Alleys (Harrisburg); Churches of Harrisburg (The German Reformed Church; The Evangelical Lutheran Church; The Presbyterian Church; The Methodist Episcopal Church; The St. Stephen's Episcopal Church; The First Baptist Mission Church; The German Lutheran St. Michael's Church; The Cathoic Church; The Union Bethel; Recapitulation of the Harrisburg Churches); Fort Hunter, Fort Halifax, etc.; Middletown, Protsmouth, Hummelstown, etc. (Middletown laid out by George Fisher; 1775; First settlers; Place of note during the Revolution; Kreider appears at, with the first ark; Town incorporated. Portsmouth; GEorge Frey; Notice of Germans from New York bound for Tulpehocken. Hummelstown laid out in 1762, etc. Rocktown, Franklin, Cox's Town, Highspire, Linglestown, Greensburg, Millersburg, etc. Berrysburg, Gratztown, Wiconisco, Snydertown, Oak Dale, Duncan's island, etc. Present condition of; Indian relics discovered; settled by Huling; visited by the Rev. Brainerd in 1745; incidents touching it; Clark's Ferry); Original settlers; Present population; education; relief of the poor.… (mere)
PAHistorian | Feb 6, 2013 |
reprinted from Rupp's 1847 History of Northumberland, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Centre, Union, Clinton, Juniata, and Columbia Counties
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