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Muriel Rukeyser (1913–1980)

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During her five-decade literary career, Rukeyser provoked varying critical response; yet her passionate contribution to the contemporary literary and political scene cannot be doubted. An outspoken "spokespoet," she was always where the political action was. As a young reporter from Vassar, she vis mere covered the 1932 Scottsboro Trial; some forty years later, she was jailed for her anti-Vietnam protests in Washington, D.C. So closely aligned is her activism to her art that several reviewers believe that the history of midcentury America can be garnered from her poetry. Yet, along with her outrage, Rukeyser's poetry is marked by optimism in a way that is reminiscent of Walt Whitman's verse. It is as though she believed that out of the pain of conflict will come a healing and transforming revelation. During her career, Rukeyser moved from a reliance on simple declaratives to a more sophisticated, private use of language; and, though she continued to deal with politics all her life, later poems also treat personal subjects---her role as mother and daughter, her sexual feelings for women and men, the illness that led to her death. From beginning to end, she was honored for her contribution to poetry: with the Yale Younger Poets Prize in 1935 for Theory of Flight to the tribute paid her at the annual New York Quarterly Poetry Day in 1977. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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Værker af Muriel Rukeyser

The Life of Poetry (1949) 200 eksemplarer
A Muriel Rukeyser Reader (1994) 122 eksemplarer
Muriel Rukeyser: Selected Poems (1951) 104 eksemplarer
Out of Silence: Selected Poems (1992) 70 eksemplarer
Savage Coast (1820) 46 eksemplarer
The Orgy (1966) 44 eksemplarer
The Book of the Dead (2018) 34 eksemplarer
Willard Gibbs: American Genius (1942) 33 eksemplarer
The gates : poems (1976) 26 eksemplarer
The Speed of Darkness (1968) 20 eksemplarer
The Traces of Thomas Hariot (1971) 19 eksemplarer
Elegies (1949) 15 eksemplarer
Houdini: A Musical (2002) 14 eksemplarer
Beast in View (1944) 8 eksemplarer
Theory of Flight (1935) 8 eksemplarer
More Night (1981) 7 eksemplarer
U.S. 1 (1938) 7 eksemplarer
Waterlily Fire (1962) 5 eksemplarer
The Green Wave (1948) 4 eksemplarer
One Life (1957) 4 eksemplarer
Mazes (1970) 4 eksemplarer
29 poems (1972) 4 eksemplarer
Dikter (1978) 3 eksemplarer
The Outer Banks (1980) 3 eksemplarer
Come back, Paul (1955) 2 eksemplarer
Orpheus 2 eksemplarer
A Turning Wind 2 eksemplarer
I Go Out 2 eksemplarer
Wake Island 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms (2000) — Bidragyder — 1,268 eksemplarer
A Pocket Book of Modern Verse (1954) — Bidragyder, nogle udgaver446 eksemplarer
Cries of the Spirit: A Celebration of Women's Spirituality (2000) — Bidragyder — 373 eksemplarer
Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness (1993) — Bidragyder — 336 eksemplarer
The Portable Sixties Reader (2002) — Bidragyder — 329 eksemplarer
The Penguin Book of Women Poets (1978) — Bidragyder — 298 eksemplarer
This Is My Best (1942) — Bidragyder — 188 eksemplarer
Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time (Stonewall Inn Editions) (1836) — Bidragyder — 180 eksemplarer
American Religious Poems: An Anthology (2006) — Bidragyder — 163 eksemplarer
Pleasure and Danger: Exploring Female Sexuality (1984) — Bidragyder — 129 eksemplarer
No More Masks! An Anthology of Poems by Women (1973) — Bidragyder — 124 eksemplarer
The Penguin Book of Women's Humour (1996) — Bidragyder — 119 eksemplarer
Poems from the Women's Movement (2009) — Bidragyder — 109 eksemplarer
Twentieth-Century American Poetry (1777) — Bidragyder — 98 eksemplarer
My Lover Is a Woman (1996) — Bidragyder — 90 eksemplarer
Octavio Paz: Early Poems, 1935-1955 (1973) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver73 eksemplarer
Gods and Mortals: Modern Poems on Classical Myths (1684) — Bidragyder — 69 eksemplarer
Baja California and the Geography of Hope (1967) — Bidragyder — 50 eksemplarer
The Ecopoetry Anthology (2013) — Bidragyder — 49 eksemplarer
Orpheus and Company: Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology (1999) — Bidragyder — 48 eksemplarer
The Yale Younger Poets Anthology (1998) — Bidragyder — 33 eksemplarer
60 Years of American Poetry (1996) — Bidragyder — 28 eksemplarer
For Neruda, For Chile: An International Anthology (1975) — Bidragyder — 23 eksemplarer
Masquerade: Queer Poetry in America to the End of World War II (2004) — Bidragyder — 19 eksemplarer
A Molna Elegy (1960) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver16 eksemplarer
Discovery No. 2 (1953) — Bidragyder — 10 eksemplarer
Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology (2018) — Bidragyder — 9 eksemplarer
American Review 25 (1976) — Bidragyder — 5 eksemplarer
Triquarterly 19 (Fall 1970) For Edward Dahlberg (1970) — Bidragyder — 4 eksemplarer
Antaeus No. 23, Autumn 1976 — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar
The Ethnic Image in Modern American Literature, 1900-1950 (1984) — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar

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CherylKosmann | Jan 9, 2023 |
Until recently I generally dipped into my poetry books at random and read a few pages at a sitting. I might in this haphazard manner read a complete volume. There was no plan & this would generally only with my most beloved poets. A few years ago, I began to read complete volumes. It points your attention to themes running through a volume of poems. With "Collected" or "Selected" Works, reading the complete volumes allows one to follow the arc of the poet's interests & craft. To me, Muriel Rukeyser's voice grew clearer and stronger as her life progressed. Her last poems have an urgency that has built to a crescendo.… (mere)
pitjrw | Jul 27, 2022 |
I thought I'd try to give a book of poetry a try, but I lack the attention span for an entire book of poems, and I couldn't read it before it was due back at the library. I'll have to buy a copy and take my time instead of trying to power through. (Powering through poetry is sacrilege anyway, or at least pointless.)
ImperfectCJ | Nov 6, 2014 |
I am fascinated by Rukeyser's personal story & her engagement with history. Although her thinking in these essays is sometimes fuzzy & her use of abstractions, such as truth, reality, imagination, consciousness & even language, is often contradictory (she says one thing & then, shortly thereafter, seems to say its opposite), she repeatedly won me over when her poet's voice sneaks into her prose. For example, when she characterizes Emily Dickenson's style as one of a "slang of strictness" or when she talks about poetry as a "transfer of human energy." I loved Chapter Twelve, "Out of Childhood," which is composed of impressionistic vignettes (film stills)that summarize & encapsulate the author's childhood & coming to maturity, both as a person & a writer. Compressed, evocative & vastly informative in their succinctness. Worth the price of the book.… (mere)
1 stem
Paulagraph | 2 andre anmeldelser | May 25, 2014 |


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