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Ron Roy was born in Hartford, Connecticut on April 29, 1940. After high school, he joined the Navy for two years. He received a Bachelor's degree in literature from the University of Connecticut and a Masters degree in teaching from the University of Hartford. He was an elementary school teacher vis mere for numerous years. His first children's book, A Thousand Pails of Water, was published in 1978. Soon afterwards, he stopped teaching and became a full-time writer, but he still visits schools around the country. He is the author of the A to Z Mysteries series, the Capital Mysteries series, and the Calendar Mysteries series. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

Omfatter også følgende navne: Ron Ray, Ron Roy, Ron Roy, Ronald Roy


Værker af Ron Roy

The Absent Author (A to Z Mysteries) (1997) 3,030 eksemplarer
The Canary Caper (A to Z Mysteries) (1998) 2,121 eksemplarer
The Bald Bandit (A to Z Mysteries) (1997) 2,109 eksemplarer
The Deadly Dungeon (A to Z Mysteries) (1998) 1,960 eksemplarer
The Jaguar's Jewel (A to Z Mysteries) (2000) 1,675 eksemplarer
The Haunted Hotel (A to Z Mysteries) (1999) 1,669 eksemplarer
The Empty Envelope (A to Z Mysteries) (1998) 1,650 eksemplarer
The Invisible Island (A to Z Mysteries) (1999) 1,607 eksemplarer
The Missing Mummy (A to Z Mysteries) (2001) 1,556 eksemplarer
The Lucky Lottery (A to Z Mysteries) (2000) 1,548 eksemplarer
The Talking T. Rex (A to Z Mysteries) (2003) 1,472 eksemplarer
The Kidnapped King (A to Z Mysteries) (2000) 1,431 eksemplarer
The School Skeleton (A to Z Mysteries) (2003) 1,382 eksemplarer
The Panda Puzzle (A to Z Mysteries) (2002) 1,374 eksemplarer
The White Wolf (A to Z Mysteries) (2004) 1,331 eksemplarer
The Unwilling Umpire (2004) 1,312 eksemplarer
The Goose's Gold (A to Z Mysteries) (1998) 1,312 eksemplarer
The Ninth Nugget (A to Z Mysteries) (2001) 1,303 eksemplarer
The Orange Outlaw (A to Z Mysteries) (2001) 1,252 eksemplarer
The X'ed-Out X-Ray (A to Z Mysteries) (2005) 1,242 eksemplarer
The Vampire's Vacation (A-Z Mysteries) (2004) 1,234 eksemplarer
The Zombie Zone (A to Z Mysteries) (1997) 1,232 eksemplarer
The Yellow Yacht (A to Z Mysteries) (2005) 1,151 eksemplarer
January Joker (2009) 915 eksemplarer
December Dog (Calendar Mysteries) (2014) 800 eksemplarer
November Night (Calendar Mysteries) (2014) 696 eksemplarer
February Friend (Calendar Mysteries) (2009) 598 eksemplarer
April Adventure (Calendar Mysteries) (2010) 565 eksemplarer
March Mischief (Calendar Mysteries) (2010) 556 eksemplarer
October Ogre (2013) 537 eksemplarer
September Sneakers (2013) 522 eksemplarer
May Magic (2011) 432 eksemplarer
A Spy in the White House (2004) 419 eksemplarer
June Jam (2011) 398 eksemplarer
New Year's Eve Thieves (2014) 342 eksemplarer
The New Year Dragon Dilemma (2011) 296 eksemplarer
July Jitters (2012) 280 eksemplarer
Kidnapped at the Capital (2002) 258 eksemplarer
The Skeleton in the Smithsonian (2002) 241 eksemplarer
The Castle Crime (2014) 240 eksemplarer
August Acrobat (2012) 226 eksemplarer
Three Ducks Went Wandering (1800) 217 eksemplarer
Operation Orca (2015) 197 eksemplarer
Mystery at the Washington Monument (2007) 192 eksemplarer
Fireworks at the FBI (2006) 143 eksemplarer
The Election-Day Disaster (2008) 138 eksemplarer
Who Broke Lincoln's Thumb? (2005) 134 eksemplarer
Secret Admirer (2015) 108 eksemplarer
Trouble at the Treasury (2006) 97 eksemplarer
April Fools' Fiasco (2017) 66 eksemplarer
A to Z Mysteries: Books A-D (2003) 63 eksemplarer
The Secret at Jefferson's Mansion (2009) 63 eksemplarer
The Ghost at Camp David (2010) 62 eksemplarer
Trapped on the D.C. Train! (2011) 52 eksemplarer
Grand Canyon Grab (2019) 52 eksemplarer
Space Shuttle Scam (2020) 46 eksemplarer
Where's Buddy (1982) 43 eksemplarer
Whose Hat Is That? (1656) 36 eksemplarer
A to Z Mysteries: Books A-H (2008) 34 eksemplarer
A to Z Mysteries: Books A-C (2003) 27 eksemplarer
A to Z Mysteries: Books I-P (2001) 26 eksemplarer
Whose Shoes are These? (1988) 21 eksemplarer
The Shadow in the Pond (1980) 20 eksemplarer
A to Z Mysteries: Books Q-Z (2008) 19 eksemplarer
The Chimpanzee Kid: A Novel (1985) 16 eksemplarer
Someone is Following Pip Ramsey (1996) 15 eksemplarer
A to Z Mysteries: Books D-G (2003) 11 eksemplarer
A to Z Mysteries: Books S-V (2010) 10 eksemplarer
A Thousand Pails of Water (1978) 10 eksemplarer
Breakfast With My Father (1980) 9 eksemplarer
Million Dollar Jeans (1983) 8 eksemplarer
Big and Small, Short and Tall (1986) 7 eksemplarer
Avalanche (1981) 6 eksemplarer
Nightmare Island (1981) 5 eksemplarer
Old tiger, new tiger (1978) 4 eksemplarer
I Am a Thief (1982) 2 eksemplarer
A to Z Mysteries: Books A-B (2003) 2 eksemplarer
April Adventures 1 eksemplar
A to Z Mysteries: Books C-D (2003) 1 eksemplar
Etranges disparitions (2014) 1 eksemplar
Calendar Mysteries: Books 7-13 (2014) 1 eksemplar
Calendar Mysteries Books 1-6 (2011) 1 eksemplar
The Wackey Lottery 1 eksemplar
The Great Frog Swap (1981) 1 eksemplar
A to Z Mysteries: Books I-J (2004) 1 eksemplar
Septermber Sneakers 1 eksemplar

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Almen Viden

Hartford, Connecticut, USA (birth)



hcs_admin | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jan 22, 2024 |
One of my reading goals is to pick up my old faves and relive the nostalgia of my youth. I was made fun of for being a reader when I was the age this book was geared towards, so why not have the fun now that I wasn't allowed as a kid?

A to Z Mysteries was a series I desperately wanted to read, but I often got scared out of because of the bullies at my school threatening me. But now? I'm free!

The Vampire's Vacation is an absolute delight. It made me smile, want to giggle, and I was very curious how a vampire was in this little town! The plot is an absolute delight and I can see why young middle grade readers would enjoy this book. It's fast paced, easy to read, and completely imaginable. I could see something funny like this happening in my little town.

Four out of five stars!
… (mere)
Briars_Reviews | 4 andre anmeldelser | Aug 4, 2023 |
Detective Camp is another great addition to the A to Z Mysteries series by Ron Roy.

I found that this book didn't live up to the previous ones I'd read, but I can easily see middle graders loving it. The mystery is set at camp this time and there's lots of drama and goofy camp stories/songs to go around.

I didn't like the mystery as much. Normally I find there's many ways the story can go and it leaves you guessing, but this one fell a little flat for me. It seemed obvious what was going on from the get go. Either way, it's still a fun ride and middle graders will love it.

Two out of five stars.
… (mere)
Briars_Reviews | 9 andre anmeldelser | Aug 4, 2023 |
I was seeking something easy and nostalgic to read with all the nonsense in the world right now, so why not jump back into some sweet middle grade reads I used to binge as a kid? A to Z Mysteries felt like just the book - it'll be easy, have a nice mystery and remind me of my school years.

I thoroughly loved these books as a kid and I still enjoy them. There are little twists and turns that you don't necessarily expect but are so good. They make you question what's going on the entire time and then give you a very reasonable ending. I really enjoyed The Bald Bandit since there was many ways the story could have gone. It set it up so you could have a good guess about what might happen but not be entirely sure until you got enough information (much like the little detectives we have in the story).

I highly recommend picking this book up if you're looking for a light chapter book for young readers. It's fun! It also has some pictures if you pick up the right edition!

Four out of five stars.
… (mere)
Briars_Reviews | 8 andre anmeldelser | Aug 4, 2023 |



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