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Paula Rothenberg is a Senior Fellow at The Murphy Institute, City University of New York, and Professor Emerita at William Paterson University of New Jersey. From 1989 to 2006 she served as Director of The New Jersey Project on Inclusive Scholarship, Curriculum, and Teaching. She is the author of vis mere several books, including the autobiographical Invisible Privilege: A Memoir About Race, Class, and Gender and the best-selling anthology, Race, Class and Gender in The United States: An Integrated Study. Her newest title, What's The Problem? A Brief Guide to Thinking Critically, asks students to analyze how social problems are framed in the public eye. vis mindre

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This volume of essays approached a difficult topic with care, introduced to me new ideas, caused me to think in new ways, and offered an extensive bibliography for me to continue learning, something I plan to do.

One sentence I read radically re-framed my understanding of white privilege, so that I could relate to the problem very concretely instead of abstractly. It wasn't even a great sentence. It simply equated whiteness with "property." With this definition as part of "whiteness," I was able to understand how the possession of whiteness has value just like any other kind of capital. It's a kind of wealth, and it's a wealth that I can't be divested from and that others can't ever acquire. Once I accept this--and it's hard not to--it's easy to separate out notions of meritocracy and answers of easy liberalism ("why can't we be friends?") from the undeniable fact that white people are privileged by their whiteness, and act in life as if they are not. Just this simple coupling of whiteness with "property" gave me a way to understand my privileged status without defensiveness or guilt.

There were many other great ideas, some of which were uncomfortable to read but none of which were unwelcome. I learned a great deal and I have a lot to think about now, which is a lot to say about a thin book of essays.
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poingu | Jan 29, 2015 |
Paula S. Rothenberg is a Senior Fellow at the Murphy Institute, City University of New York and Professor Emerita at William Patterson University of New Jersey. She has written several books on the subject of discrimination.

It's been almost 30 years since this book was published, but many of the problems outlined and studied here still exist today. At this point, this work can be considered a classic in the field. From the back cover: "(This is) the first text-reader to integrate fully the study of racism and the study of sexism (and bring) together more than 70 provocative interdisciplinary readings that enable the reader to view these major problems in the context of class in American society. The book covers all the significant minority groups in the United States today: the selections reflect the concerns not only of Blacks and women but of Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans as well."… (mere)
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uufnn | Feb 6, 2015 |


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