Peter Ross (skeln forfatterne fra hinanden)

"Peter Ross" er sammensat af mindst 9 forskellige forfattere, opdelt efter deres værker.

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Peter Ross (8)

Jasper the Adventurous Cat (Golden Jigsaw Bks) (1986) — Forfatter — 2 eksemplarer

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Oplysning om flertydighed
#1 Ross, Peter, author of Lotus, the early years .
#2 Peter Ross, born 1932, wrote about the Archibald Prize.
#3 Peter Malcolm Ross, born 1950, writes books on computer programming languages.
#4 Ross, Peter, BSc. author of Timber in contemporary architecture
#5 Peter Ross, 1847-1902, wrote the history of Long Island in 1902.
#6 Peter Ross, no birth date, is from Carlisle, England and writes about Barnslaps.
#7 Ross, Peter, cartoonist
#8 Ross, Peter, children's author.
#9 Ross, Peter, journalist.
#10 Ross, Peter, Guildhall Library Principal Librarian.