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John Rocco grew up Barrington, Rhode Island. He studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design and School of Visual Arts in New York City. John collaborated with actor/comedian Whoopi Goldberg on the picture book Alice. Shortly after the project was finished he moved to Los Angeles where vis mere he worked as a creative director. At Walt Disney Imagineering John designed many attractions at Disney's Epcot, including the Post-Shows for Spaceship Earth and Mission Space. He also served as the art director for DisneyQuest, an interactive theme park in Downtown Disney. At Dreamworks, John was the pre-production art director for animated film Shrek. In 2005 John shifted his focus to writing and illustrating children's books and created Wolf! Wolf! which netted him the Borders Original Voices Award for best picture book. His next book was Moonpowder (May 2008) followed by Fu Finds the Way (Oct 2009). John continues to collaborate with authors and has illustrated Boy, Were We Wrong About the Solar System (Sep 2008) for Kathleen V. Kudlinski and The Lightening Thief (Dec 2009) for Rick Riodan. He also illustrates all the covers for Rick Riordan's bestselling YA series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. In 2012, his title Blackout was a Caldecott Honor recipient and made the ALA Notable Children's Books list. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
Image credit: Rocco on a SCBWI panel, November 2011 By SCBWI-LA_2008.rhcrayon-0238.jpg: Rita Crayon Huangderivative work: Jonathas Davi (talk) - SCBWI-LA_2008.rhcrayon-0238.jpg, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17422687

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Percy Jackson's Greek Gods (2014) — Illustrator — 2,718 eksemplarer
Blackout (2011) 1,124 eksemplarer
Blizzard (2014) 316 eksemplarer
Wolf! Wolf! (2007) 122 eksemplarer
Swim That Rock (2014) 83 eksemplarer
Moonpowder (2008) 77 eksemplarer
Hurricane (2021) 53 eksemplarer
Fu Finds The Way (2009) 50 eksemplarer

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Den røde pyramide (2010) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver10,345 eksemplarer
The Blood of Olympus (2014) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver7,031 eksemplarer
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House of Many Ways (2008) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver3,143 eksemplarer
The Ship of the Dead (2017) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver2,967 eksemplarer
The Flint Heart (1910) — Illustrator — 268 eksemplarer
Boy, Were We Wrong About the Solar System (2008) — Illustrator — 80 eksemplarer
Alice (1890) — Illustrator — 75 eksemplarer
The Legend Thief (The Hunter Chronicles) (2012) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver29 eksemplarer
Noah Builds an Ark (2019) — Illustrator — 21 eksemplarer

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The myths about the Greek gods as narrated by Perseus "Percy" Jackson, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's mega-popular "Percy Jackson & the Olympians" YA series.

This was better than I expected. It gives a pretty reasonable overview of the Greek mythology (the part more directly involving the gods, since a forthcoming book will cover the great heroes). Percy's teenage snark makes it very accessible and entertaining to read. It will help if you are familiar with Riordan's books, so that you know who Percy is, but it is not absolutely required. The myths are not watered down, you get the sex and violence of the original stories, but Percy's wit smooths it over with non-explicit language.

Do not expect any poetry or literary beauty here. However, while the Greek mythology can sometimes become a bit repetitive, in Percy's voice it never becomes boring. It is extremely easy to read and an excellent choice for young readers or even older ones who are not necessarily attracted to the subject.
… (mere)
jcm790 | 50 andre anmeldelser | May 26, 2024 |
I didn't care for the narration style where the author was continually in the story. It was also highly fictionalized in a modern style. I am more interested in how the ancient greeks understood their gods.
bread2u | 50 andre anmeldelser | May 15, 2024 |
BCarroll | 50 andre anmeldelser | Apr 17, 2024 |
Jake's Dad has been lost in afishing boat accident so 14 year old Jake must work as a quahogger ( clam catcher) on another boat to save his family's diner from a mob who want their debts paid.
nicsreads | 7 andre anmeldelser | Apr 16, 2024 |



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