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Michael Robinson (4) (1950–)

Forfatter af Art Deco: The Golden Age of Graphic Art and Illustration

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Værker af Michael Robinson

International Arts and Crafts (2005) 116 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Surrealism (2005) 64 eksemplarer
The Pre-Raphaelites (The World's Greatest Art) (2007) 32 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Colour Source Book (2006) 24 eksemplarer
Kandinsky (2006) 23 eksemplarer
William Morris Masterpieces of Art (2014) 19 eksemplarer
Arts & Crafts Masterpieces of Art (2015) 17 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
London: Secrets & Celebrations (2012) 5 eksemplarer
Best-Kept Secrets of Barcelona (2019) 5 eksemplarer
Van Gogh (2017) 4 eksemplarer
Best-Kept Secrets of Prague (2018) 4 eksemplarer

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Nature's Artist: Plants and Animals (2003) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver15 eksemplarer
Hamburger Kunsthalle : Museum of Contemporary Art (1997) — Oversætter, nogle udgaver2 eksemplarer

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A short textual intro to the Arts and Crafts movement, including bios of it's leading lights (Morris, etc.). A mere 20 pages. The rest of the book is full color plates of the art - textiles, ceramics, paintings, wallpapers... wonderful photography! A truly beautiful book.
dhaxton | Aug 23, 2022 |
Being a small-format collection of paintings, incorporating a very few sculptures and drawings, highlighting the art of Jno. Millais but with liberal selections from others, mostly from the original eight Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood members. The author has done a good job of bringing in some unfamiliar artists and paintings; I've been reading everything I could find on the Pre-Raphaelites for a quarter of a century and some of this was new to me. His caption comments, though brief, are usually useful; these captions, which face the illustration on the facing page, are joined by the dates of the artist, where and when it was produced, and a suggestion of a related work.

To a considerable extent, however, these strengths are more than offset by problems with the book's production. Inevitably in a small-format book, the illustrations are simply too small to illustrate the points he is making at some points. The light ink and fine print were very tough on these old eyes. And at times he simply misses the boat; too often he tells us things such as 'the three girls in the picture' when there are quite clearly four girls in the painting. And the frequent typographical errors, especially in the artists' dates, are quite ludicrous; attributing somebody to have died before they were born or when they were four, was hilarious when P.D.Q. Bach used to do it, but here not so much. The book is also plenty long; one needs to come to this with an extremely high interest level in Pre-Raphaelites, which I, of course, did.
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Big_Bang_Gorilla | Aug 26, 2020 |
Simple and abstract style makes this book more for the coffee table than the research library, but it excels in its clear type, information and photography. Great to pick up and flick through on a Sunday afternoon.
fotofacade | Sep 17, 2006 |

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