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Step-by-Step Printmaking (1987) 11 eksemplarer
People (Drawing Workbooks) (1988) 9 eksemplarer

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I read this book when it was first published. It's one of those books that doesn't look like much when you flick through it; but, it really impacted my life at the time.
Lots of art books will teach you certain skills in drawing or introduce you to different techniques; this book actually helps train your mind to think like a fantasy artist.
It's aimed at the novice, the school child, or the college trained graphic artist like myself - who wanted to try his hand at something new and found himself stumped for ideas.
It won't take you long to read - an hour or so. But, it's like a course book, and you would be advised to follow the examples illustrated - as I did.

I rediscovered this book over a quarter century later; and am about to pass it on to my daughter to read, as she is now studying art herself.

The illustrations in the book are mostly done in pen and ink, but for examples, the author also Prints many full colour double page spreads from famous Gothic and surrealist paintings, as well as contemporary examples from 'Weird Tales', and artists like Ian Miller and Jim Burns among others.

It's a unassuming little book, but one I read, liked and made good use of.
… (mere)
Sylak | Feb 4, 2016 |

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