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First of all, excellent overall anthology in terms of variety of stories and none I had to skip.

Now, I am sure it will shock no one who knows me that my favorite story in this collection was "The Current Dumas" by L.D. Lewis. By a landslide. Post-apocalyptic community building! Magic! Sapphic flirting! Trains! Anthony Bourdain vibes!

Other favorites include:
"When the Last of the Birds and the Bees Have Gone On" by C.L. Clark, which is modeled on "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid, which is one of my favorite short stories of ALL TIME and also contains the immaculate line "this is how you choose a gender; this is how you cast one off;"

"The Descent of Their Last End" by Izzy Wasserstein, so short and bittersweet, about making art at the end of all things.

"Champions of Water War" by Elly Bangs, which is almost too wholesome (in the middle of a super brutal dystopia), but I loved it.

So many good ones! I couldn't possibly call them all out or I would be here all day.
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greeniezona | 1 anden anmeldelse | Mar 10, 2024 |
FYI Review - This anthology contain the following short stories:
-Wrath of a queer god / Anthony Moll
-Didn't my lord deliver Daniel / Christopher Caldwell
-The descent of their last end / Izzy Wasserstein
-Soft / Otter Lieffe
-The black hearts of La Playa / Jordan Kurella
-The bone gifts / Michael Milne
-When the last of the birds and the bees have gone on / C. L. Clark
-A future in color / R. J. Theodore
-Cahmpions of Water War / Elly Bangs
-A sound like staying together / Adam R. Shannon
-Be strong, kick many asses / Aun-Juli Riddle
-Venom and bite / Darcie Little Badger
-The currant Dumas / L. D. Lewis
-The limitations of her code / Marianne Kirby
-You fool, you wanderer / Brendan Williams-Childs
-A party planner's guide to the apocalypse / Lauren Ring
-Imago / A.Z. Louise
-Safe haven / A.P. Thayer
-Note left on a coffeetable / Mari Ness
-The valley of mothers / Josie Columbus
-For the taking, for the making / V. Medina
-When she nothing shines upon / Blake Jessop
-The last dawn of Targadrides / Trip Galey
-The dreadnought and the stars / Phoebe Barton
-Apocalypse / Saida Agostini
-Dream askew / Avery Alder
… (mere)
Lemeritus | 1 anden anmeldelse | Oct 18, 2023 |



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