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Getting Help From Your Dreams (1985) 19 eksemplarer
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This was my first foray into the realm of Edgar Cayce. After reading this book, I wonder if now I've been holding back from the study of Cayce needlessly, as other authors writing of Cayce's work seem to have ascribed to him an intense fascination with Christianity that I do not possess. However, Henry Reed's book here elegantly dips into the relevant Christian concepts in such a way so as to be palatable for one who merely wishes to be educated but not converted. Moreover, Reed discusses how several overtly Christian concepts actually had completely different meanings to Cayce, such as how the Book of Revelation in the Second Testament was believed by Cayce- not to be a doomsday account but- to be a mystical journey through the self, through the “seven churches” (chakras) of our other dimensional energy system, ultimately resulting in the oneness with all of creation.

In “Channeling,” Reed covers almost every aspect of channeling I can think of: from the psycho-spiritual mechanics of how Cayce believes all minds are connected and therefore, how channeling works in the first place, to some basic tenets of channeling that Cayce has set down that he believes will enable anyone to empower himself. Also included are the numerous methods one can employ for channeling, the various benevolent “entities” one can channel beyond the higher self (there's an interesting section on meditating with plants that I can't wait to try with my cacti!), channeling through your dreams, dreaming for others, group channeling for a common, elevated goal, etc. Additionally, I think this book is especially valuable to writers, as it incidentally or not provides a much deeper look into the creative process than many books I've read geared specifically to writers for this sole purpose.

“Channeling” provides an excellent resource for new and experienced channels alike. It's graduated in its message, so I advise to read from front to back, instead of jumping around. Each topic is done well, but with so many topics, there is only enough time to whet your appetite for a new haunt that you can chase elsewhere in more detail. I've been channeling for more than twenty years, but still find much value in this little book. My copy is now marked up with love and dog-eared in my most reverent style, as I intend to continually refer to this book until such time that I am finally able to digest all of the information within it.
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imaginarian | Jul 4, 2014 |


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