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Jonathan Raban (1942–2023)

Forfatter af Bad Land: An American Romance

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Jonathan Raban, author of Passage to Juneau, brings eloquent intellect and wry wit to his exploration of the American scene. Written over the past two decades, roughly the span of Raban's residence in his adopted city of Seattle, these essays delve into what it means, as immigrant, to feel rooted vis mere in America. Driving Home charts a course through the Pacific Northwest, American history, and current events as witnessed by a keenly observant visitor who is able to glean meanings and patterns that have become invisible to the natives. Raban spends much time on, near, and in water, and his ruminations on sailing and the sea are a welcome thread. Whether the topic is other writers or various painters and explorers, or the patrons of a Montana bar, who have engaged with our mythical and actual landscape, Raban has a visitor s eye for the absurd, and his tone is intimate, never nostalgic, and always fresh. vis mindre

Værker af Jonathan Raban

Bad Land: An American Romance (1996) 919 eksemplarer
Passage to Juneau (1999) 871 eksemplarer
Coasting (1986) 395 eksemplarer
Waxwings (2003) 310 eksemplarer
Surveillance (2007) 230 eksemplarer
Soft City (1974) 211 eksemplarer
Foreign Land (1985) 173 eksemplarer
For Love and Money (1987) 155 eksemplarer
Driving Home: An American Journey (2010) — Forfatter — 124 eksemplarer
The Oxford Book of the Sea (1992) 122 eksemplarer
Robert Lowell's Poems: A Selection (1974) — Redaktør — 79 eksemplarer

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Granta 32: History (1990) — Bidragyder — 151 eksemplarer
Granta 29: New World (1989) — Bidragyder — 151 eksemplarer
Granta 30: New Europe (1990) — Bidragyder — 145 eksemplarer
Granta 31: The General (1990) — Bidragyder — 143 eksemplarer
Granta 23: Home (1988) — Bidragyder — 139 eksemplarer
The Best American Essays 1996 (1996) — Bidragyder — 133 eksemplarer
Granta 49: Money (1994) — Bidragyder — 118 eksemplarer
Granta 45: Gazza Agonistes (1993) — Bidragyder — 116 eksemplarer
Granta 10: Travel Writing (1984) — Bidragyder — 89 eksemplarer
The New Granta Book of Travel (2011) — Introduktion — 46 eksemplarer
The Penguin Book of the Ocean (2010) — Bidragyder — 20 eksemplarer
"London Magazine", 1961-85: An Anthology (1986) — Bidragyder — 10 eksemplarer

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I liked it and I didn't like it. The writing is great, the author demonstrates his abilities and it is easy to see why he has won awards. The story is a bit odd, in that it follows two tracks in a bit of a random fashion. The first is the author's stroke and rehab when he is 69 years old, and the second is his father's journey into adulthood and into WW II, with the details drawn from his letters home to his wife and from unit histories that others have written. And a bit about Jonathan's early years while his father is away at war. But not much ties the two themes together. There is a sense of father and son not getting along very well for a long time, well into the author's adulthood, but nothing definitive, in my opinion. Glad I read it for the writing but I am not sure what the takeaway is here. The two themes are parallel, and in my opinion, rarely if ever intersect. So, probably 3.5 overall.… (mere)
Cantsaywhy | 1 anden anmeldelse | May 5, 2024 |
How could I not like this book? Much of it takes place in my home waters I read it while far from home. The musings on west coast natives and captain Vancouver are great, some very insightful. All of this woven through a sad personal story. Well worth the time.
BBrookes | 19 andre anmeldelser | Dec 6, 2023 |
His final writing and I miss him already.
Craigeri | 1 anden anmeldelse | Nov 1, 2023 |
A thoroughly average travel narrative. The plot was thoroughly post-modern, petering out instead of genuinely finishing, but Raban can sure capture the American spirit.
et.carole | 9 andre anmeldelser | Jan 21, 2022 |



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