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W. H. Pugmire (1951–2019)

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Sesqua Valley & Other Haunts (2003) 53 eksemplarer
Encounters with Enoch Coffin (2013) 48 eksemplarer
The Fungal Stain And Other Dreams (2006) 40 eksemplarer
Gathered Dust and Others (2011) 29 eksemplarer
Some Unknown Gulf of Night (2011) 27 eksemplarer
The Strange Dark One (2012) 27 eksemplarer
Weird Fiction Review #3 (2013) 24 eksemplarer
Weird Inhabitants of Sesqua Valley (2009) 19 eksemplarer
The Tangled Muse (2011) 17 eksemplarer
Dreams of Lovecraftian Horror (1999) 16 eksemplarer
An Ecstasy of Fear (2019) 13 eksemplarer
Bohemians of Sesqua Valley (2013) 12 eksemplarer

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Kanonisk navn
Pugmire, W. H.
Juridisk navn
Pugmire, Wilum Hopfrog
Andre navne
Pugmire, William H.
Seattle, Washington, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
short story writer
Literary executor - S. T. Joshi
Kort biografi
Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire (born May 3, 1951) was a writer of horror fiction based in Seattle, Washington. His works typically are published as W. H. Pugmire. His adopted middle name derives from the story of the same title by Edgar Allan Poe.

Strongly influenced by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, many of Pugmire's stories directly reference "Lovecraftian" elements (such as Yog-Sothoth of the Cthulhu Mythos). Pugmire's major original contribution to the Cthulhu Mythos is the Sesqua Valley, a fictional location in the Pacific Northwest of the United States that serves as the primary locale for much of his fiction. According to his official biography, his "goal as an author is to dwell forevermore within Lovecraft's titan shadow."

Pugmire is a self-proclaimed eccentric recluse, "the Queen of Eldritch Horror, " as well as a self-identified "punk rock queen and street transvestite".

Pugmire began to write fiction while serving as a Mormon missionary in Omagh, Northern Ireland, under the inspiration of his friend and correspondent, Robert Bloch. When, upon returning to the States, he discovered Arkham House and the fiction and Selected Letters of H. P. Lovecraft, he became an obsessed Lovecraftian determined to join the ranks of modern Mythos writers, and to that end he has devoted himself as an author. After a brief stint as a male whore, he discovered punk rock, which saved his soul and gave him a new fictive voice.

His stories have appeared in major horror anthologies, and collections of his fiction and poetry have appeared under small press imprints such as Necropolitan Press, Mythos Books, Delirium Books, and Hippocampus Press. In October 2010 a major retrospective of his work was published by Centipede Press.



Some Unknown Gulf of Night by W.H. Pugmire i The Chapel of the Abyss (april 2014)


A genuinely original and creepy collection of stories and prose poems in the Lovecraft mythos, but better written than anything HPL ever made. Sad that I didn't know of the author before his untimely passing.
JimDR | Dec 7, 2022 |
I didn't much care for this collection based on Nyarlathotep. The first problem was not so much with the content per se. The book is a print-on-demand affair (How can a p-o-d claim to be a First Edition?) riddled with typos and grammatical errors.

On to the content. These stories all look like the sort of thing that you would get if you asked a senior high school creative writing class to write a story based on Nyarlathotep. My next problem is with Pugmire's prose. It is overwrought and purple in an effort to mimic Lovecraft's own prose but falls short. It almost looks like someone went through and marked out repetitions with a thesaurus in hand. They didn't get them all. There are also some bizarre shifts in dialect from archaic to modern in just a few sentences. Finally, there is zero characterization and scene setting. Because the other elements fail, this proves ultimately fatal to the whole.

I just got an amateur feel from the whole book. Not having read much of Mr. Pugmire's fiction except for the odd story in an anthology, this characterization might not be fair, but could Wilum be the Ed Wood of Lovecraftian fiction? Would he really mind?
… (mere)
Gumbywan | Jun 24, 2022 |
"What's interesting about these tales is his descriptions of Sesqua Valley. This is no Lovecraftian Witch Haunted place filled with pulpy, unnatural plant life but a sort of summery sylvan paradise that hides disquieting knowledge. Those looking for full on Cthulhu Mythos will not find it here, Nyarlathotep makes an appearance but like the master himself Pugmire uses the Mythos as a spice, not a main course. The whole book is infused with a sort of late summer twilight dreaminess that occasionally descends into unspeakable horror. Like Bradbury meets Lovecraft...only not. But while Lovecraft's Characters would be horrified by the incursion from the "outside," Pugmire's characters are often one with the darkness and openly embrace the forces of chaos."
--https://www.amazon.com/Bohemians-Sesqua-Valley-W-H-Pugmire/dp/B00IZK1NOE/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Bohemians of Sesqua Valley&qid=1623072084&s=books&sr=1-1
… (mere)
Dr_Bob | Jun 7, 2021 |
A lovely book of florid prose, in a gothic tradition, and richly influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Chambers, Clark Ashton Smith, Edgar Allen Poe, and Oscar Wilde. Genuinely an exquisite volume of subtle and supernatural horror, with the masterful Pugmire twining delicate beauty, cosmic rapture, hellish vistas, and the mysteries of our own corruptible flesh, blood, and bone into a uncompromising vision of the outer and otherworldly.
michaeladams1979 | Oct 11, 2018 |

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