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Pronovost, Nita
late 1900s
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Simon & Schuster Canada, vice-president and editorial director
Simon & Schuster
Madeleine Milburn (Madeleine Milburn Literary TV & Film Agency
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Thank you for visiting me. We have something in common—books. I believe you love them as much as I do. I love books the way Lennie in Of Mice and Men loved his pet mouse. For this reason, I don’t advise you ever to lend me your prized first folio edition of Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories & Tragedies as I may return it dog-eared and enhanced with a shabby chic patina of Scotch tape.

As for my professional life, I work in the publishing industry. I began years ago as an intern, photocopying edited manuscripts and secretly snooping the fascinating margin conversations between editors and writers. Currently, I’m vice president and editorial director at Simon & Schuster in Toronto, Canada, where I have the privilege of working with an incredible array of authors and publishing colleagues whom I credit with teaching me, manuscript by manuscript, book by book, the wondrous craft of writing.



If you enjoy character driven stories, this is highly recommended. The story is told from the POV of Molly Gray. She is a maid at a hotel who seems to have a social disability. This makes it difficult for her to interpret social cues. She is a rule follower, and working as a maid gives her a routine and a list of expected interactions and specific expectations. She takes her job very seriously.
Molly Gray was such a sympathetic character. In wanting to do the right thing, she was too trusting! After being taken advantage of, she learns the true meaning of friendship. She really grows as a person, but still maintains the hope and "joie de vivre" that makes her such a refreshing protagonist.
"If all of this has taught me anything, it is this: there's a power in me I never knew was there. I always knew there was power in my hands- to clean, to wipe away dirt, to scour and disinfect, to set things right. But now I know there's power elsewhere- in my mind. And in my heart too." (p. 285)

I enjoyed the surprise ending...although some questions remain. I am looking forward to a sequel.!!

I recommend this to all Columbo fans...(my favorite series). Nita Prose is obviously a kindred spirit. Molly refers to the show as she tries to solve the mystery. It is an "easter egg" for me as a reader :)
… (mere)
Chrissylou62 | 189 andre anmeldelser | Apr 11, 2024 |
Molly - The Maid - is quirky and affable in an Eleanor Oliphant type of way (for all you bookies - Eleanor Oliphant is Just Fine by Gail Honeyman is great book).

A bit off, always proper, never comfortable in social settings, Molly is navigating life alone following the death of her grandmother, the woman who raised her. At 25, Molly has never found love, never had a friend other than Gran, and never worked anywhere but the Regency Grand. It is during Molly's daily cleaning of the Blacks' suit, where she finds Mr. Black dead, that Molly's real troubles begin, and her outlook on people and life is put to the test when she is accused of murder.

It is implied that Molly is neurodivergent, perhaps on the Spectrum, the same but different than everyone else, seeing life through a lens that makes others find her simple, weird, odd. But Molly is honest, loving, and diligent in being the best maid possible.

Author Nita Prose writes with good description as to the world through Molly's eyes and it is interesting that the deeper the reader goes into the character, the more understanding they will have as to Molly's view of things.

A good read with some real eye-opening moments on life as a person who is the same but different.
… (mere)
LyndaWolters1 | 189 andre anmeldelser | Apr 3, 2024 |
Fun read. The protagonist is, at times, a bit too much to take yet the story keeps the pages turning.
bookem | 189 andre anmeldelser | Mar 27, 2024 |
This is the second in the Molly the Maid cozy mystery series.

Molly is a neurodivergent woman who was raised by a loving grandmother (now deceased) who helped her understand others by using many little rules and sayings which Molly took to heart. She is now the chief housekeeper at an upscale hotel, where in the initial book, she was believed to be a murderer due to her different way of interacting with the world.

This time Molly is helping prepare the hotel for a lavish author event where a very well known and beloved mystery author, J. D. Grimthorpe, will be giving an important announcement to his gathered fans. By shear chance, Grimthorpe was a major player in Molly’s childhood. They have not met for many years and he no longer recognizes the child he once knew.

But … just as he begins to speak, he dies.

It seems to be murder – and once again one of the maids is the chief suspect.

Molly has learned to become very observant of things, events and people in an effort to demystify people’s actions and understand what is happening. This can make her the perfect detective as she sees things others overlook – but she can also misunderstand what has occurred– and sometimes her grandmother’s concrete rules can lead her astray when situations don’t fit neatly into specific boxes. In both books, I felt the police were characterized as not-too-bright – surely they would realize a speaker would have notes and the notes were missing.

I enjoyed learning more of Molly’s back story and thought the dual time line worked well. I also enjoy reading about a neurodivergent woman with a responsible job, a love interest and good friends who treat her with respect.

All in all cozy mysteries are perfect when one needs a break from tougher subjects – and this one fit that category very well. If the author continues the series, I'll read onward. 3.6 stars.
… (mere)
streamsong | 33 andre anmeldelser | Mar 25, 2024 |



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½ 3.7

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