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Eugenia Price (1916–1996)

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Eugenia Price, 1916 - 1996 Eugenia Price, born on June 22, 1916, was an American author best known for her historical novels which were set in the American South. Early in Price's writing career, she was a well-known author of many Christian books. While on St. Simons Island, she wandered through vis mere Christ Church cemetery where she found the graves of Anson Dodge, his wives Ellen and Anna, and his child. She wanted to take her writing in a different direction and the graves inspired her to write biographies about average people who only impacted those around them. The result was "Beloved Invader," the post Civil War story of the Reverend Anson Dodge. This first book about St. Simons Island, where she spent time in a cottage researching the Island families, created a new genre. She followed with "Lighthouse" and "New Moon Rising," which went back in time from the Civil War. Price used everything that she wrote, such as articles she wrote for Coastal Illustrated, which were collected and published as "At Home on St. Simons," and the diary she kept while working on a novel became "Diary of a Novel." She also wrote the Savannah quartet, with the final novel titled "Stranger in Savannah." It's a love story that takes place during the time that the country was heading towards the Civil War. Her last book, which was finished a few weeks before her death, was "The Waiting Time." On May 28, 1996, Eugenia Price died of congestive heart failure and was laid to rest in the Christ Church Cemetery. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

Omfatter også følgende navne: Eugena Price, Price Eugenia, Eugenia Price Bantam (1971)


Værker af Eugenia Price

Savannah (1983) 421 eksemplarer
Lighthouse (1971) 410 eksemplarer
New Moon Rising (1969) 363 eksemplarer
Bright Captivity (1991) 341 eksemplarer
The Beloved Invader (1965) 329 eksemplarer
Stranger in Savannah (1989) 315 eksemplarer
Where Shadows Go (1993) 306 eksemplarer
Beauty from Ashes (1995) 301 eksemplarer
The Waiting Time (1997) 272 eksemplarer
To See Your Face Again (1985) 264 eksemplarer
Before the Darkness Falls (1987) 259 eksemplarer
Woman to Woman (1959) 243 eksemplarer
God Speaks to Women Today (1964) 237 eksemplarer
Maria (1977) 228 eksemplarer
Margaret's Story (1980) 175 eksemplarer
Don Juan McQueen (1960) 148 eksemplarer
The Unique World of Women (1969) 122 eksemplarer
No Pat Answers (1611) 111 eksemplarer
Make Love Your Aim (1739) 106 eksemplarer
What Is God Like? (1900) 96 eksemplarer
Early Will I Seek Thee (1956) 90 eksemplarer
Just As I Am (1968) 74 eksemplarer
Share My Pleasant Stones (1957) 66 eksemplarer
Never a Dull Moment (1900) 58 eksemplarer
Another Day (1984) 41 eksemplarer
Inside One Author's Heart (1992) 38 eksemplarer
Learning to live from the Gospels (1968) 31 eksemplarer
I've Got to Talk to Somebody God/No Pat Answers (1900) — Forfatter — 26 eksemplarer
At Home on St. Simons (1981) 21 eksemplarer
Learning to live from the acts (1970) 19 eksemplarer
Unshackled (1952) 17 eksemplarer
Learning to Live (1976) 16 eksemplarer
Strictly Personal 1 eksemplar
Der weite Raüm 1 eksemplar
The Wider Place (1966) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

Georgia's Land of the Golden Isles (1970) — Forord — 42 eksemplarer
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The difference it makes when a woman's personality is Christ-controlled!
Easy to read.
MenoraChurch | Nov 8, 2023 |
I adored this book since I read it when I was getting into genealogy and was learning about my ancestors who settled coastall carolina/Georgia back in the day.
Kim.Sasso | 8 andre anmeldelser | Aug 27, 2023 |
Grand Rapids MI
LibraryNBC | Jun 22, 2023 |
WBCLIB | 6 andre anmeldelser | Jun 22, 2023 |



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