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3.7 stars

I had a great time reading this with Wanda, for thoughts and comments: Novel Love Story Buddy Read

A woman trying to get over heartache ends up in her favorite romance series

Loved the magical realism aspect of winding up in your favorite romance series town and seeing the characters in their element.
Loved the highlighting of romance tropes and the commentary on why romance books are special to readers but also how it's important to keep perspective on real and fictionalized.

This definitely has romance but at times it's in that lit fiction vein and probably not first or second for what I loved about this the most. Ending has a little bit of rushed feeling but really enjoyed reading this one.
… (mere)
WhiskeyintheJar | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jul 13, 2024 |
At the beginning, I wasn't sure about this book, but as it went on, I really enjoyed it.
Eileen "Elsy" Merriweather, a literature professor loves romance novels. After she was heartbroken by her fiancé, she dove into books. Each year, she and some friends go on a book retreat, but this year, everyone abandoned her. So, she goes alone. Her car breaks down, she is stranded in Eloraton, a fictional town from her favorite romance novels. She is living inside a novel. She meets a man that is perfect, but it is fiction, and she can't live in a fictional world.
She comes to terms with many things, understanding her favorite author's reasons for writing the way she did. So, she has to help the town, who is stuck - since the author died - start again, and live happily ever after.
… (mere)
rmarcin | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jul 13, 2024 |
This book is amazing! The plot twist at the end was head turning! I loved the concept and the way the author used suspense to bring the book to life
jjanoski15 | 24 andre anmeldelser | Jul 8, 2024 |
Audrey wakes up on the day of her best-friend’s wedding to learn he has gone missing. As the last person to see him, she retraces her steps -- and tries to recover her memory -- from the night before, accompanied by the bride’s best friend, Theo.

This was intriguing -- there’s the twin mysteries of What happened last night? and Where is Rhett?, and also Audrey’s apparent ability which means anyone who kisses her meets their soulmate the next day. However, perhaps because there is so much going on, the resolution felt too sudden and so did the progression of the romance.… (mere)
Herenya | 7 andre anmeldelser | Jul 6, 2024 |



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