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In Marion Poschmann’s leisurely paced yet captivating novel The Pine Islands, eminent German scholar and authority on beard styles in film, Gilbert Silvester, has dreamed that his wife, Matilda, has cheated on him. Unable to shake the certainty that the dream is a reflection of the truth, he returns home after work that evening and confronts her. She denies the accusation, which “only confirmed his suspicions.” Gilbert retrieves his passport, gathers a few items together, leaves the house, and the next morning finds himself on board a flight to Tokyo. Gilbert’s journey through Japan occupies the remainder of the book. At a station in Tokyo he meets a young man, Yosa Tamagotchi, who becomes his reluctant traveling companion after Gilbert prevents him from jumping from the platform into the path of a train. The precise nature of Gilbert’s search is left unspecified, but it does seem that he is looking for self-knowledge, which will only come when he attains distance from the ills of society that are preventing him from accepting who and what he is. In addition to the insecurity he feels about his marriage, he has been frustrated in his career (“humble researcher, an associate lecturer”) because he never learned how to schmooze and get chummy with those in a position to help him advance. Yosa, on the other hand, who feels he has failed himself because he is certain he will not pass his exams and failed his parents because he refused to join the family’s tea business, is searching for the perfect place to end his life. Poschmann’s narrative achieves a solemn, meditative tone as Gilbert and Yosa meander from place to place—some haunted, others not—each nursing private grievances and regrets. Together they find solace in Japan’s natural beauty and the haiku poetry of Matsuo Bashō, whose journey through the country in search of enlightenment they follow. Finally, amidst the Pine Islands of Matsushima, Gilbert finds the tranquility he’s been seeking. An oddly soothing book that can also be droll and surprising. Exquisitely translated by Jen Calleja, The Pine Islands was shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize in 2019.… (mere)
icolford | 13 andre anmeldelser | Jun 7, 2024 |
Kurze Inhaltsangabe
Gilbert Silvester, Privatdozent und Bartforscher im Rahmen eines universitären Drittmittelprojekts, steht unter Schock. Letzte Nacht hat er geträumt, dass seine Frau ihn betrügt. In einer absurden Kurzschlusshandlung verlässt er sie, steigt ins erstbeste Flugzeug und reist nach Japan, um Abstand zu gewinnen. Dort fallen ihm die Reisebeschreibungen des klassischen Dichters Bashō in die Hände, und plötzlich hat er ein Ziel: Wie die alten Wandermönche möchte auch er den Mond über den Kieferninseln sehen. Auf der traditionsreichen Pilgerroute könnte er sich in der Betrachtung der Natur verlieren und seinen inneren Aufruhr hinter sich lassen. Aber noch vor dem Start trifft er auf den Studenten Yosa, der mit einer ganz anderen Reiselektüre unterwegs ist, dem Complete Manual of Suicide.… (mere)
ela82 | 13 andre anmeldelser | Mar 23, 2024 |
I don’t know how Poschmann did it but this novel captures with exquisite perfection the disorienting experience that living in Japan can be, for an attentive non-Japanese person who comes to Japan with no agenda and with some time to look around.

There is such an extreme level of discernment here in this novel...every scene nails it. I would guess most people who have not spent a lot of time in Japan—enough for instance to know about the deeply strange and almost obligatory love every Japanese person professes to feel about Matsushima—would feel like this book is exaggerated satire, when actually it just is the way Japan IS.

I’m kind of in awe and a little woozy from the experience of having just finished this excellent and very funny book, so maybe I will come back and try to be more coherent in my review in a few days. I lived in Japan for years and this novel hit me hard with a lovely nostalgia for a place I still love so its impossible for me to know how anyone else without this experience will react to it.
… (mere)
poingu | 13 andre anmeldelser | Feb 22, 2020 |
3-stars for now. Suspect rating may improve after I have pondered for a while.
LizzySiddal | 13 andre anmeldelser | Jan 14, 2020 |



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