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Forfatter af Who Is J. K. Rowling?

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Includes maps, timeline, many side bars, bibliography
VillageProject | 3 andre anmeldelser | Dec 7, 2023 |
I read this as a jumping-off point for some research into Catherine the Great (I love The Great hulu series!) This is a great summary of Catherine's life. We get the basic facts for her life from birth to death while getting a little bit of additional information to give us insight into her personality. It ignores some of the rumors that had been spread about her (for good reason, the rumor of her having sex with a horse shouldn't be mentioned in a children's book), and we get to read about her strictly from a factual perspective. I think this is a great book even for adults who need a starting point in learning about Catherine the great.… (mere)
AvidLearner | Jul 6, 2023 |
Mustygusher | 2 andre anmeldelser | Dec 19, 2022 |
Part of the Who? What? Where? Series, this biography on Susan B. Anthony offers an overview of Susan's life from growing up as a Quaker in the 1820s and 30s to a champion for women's right to vote. The prologue presents Susan as a grown woman, feisty and ready to tackle the US government for the right to vote alongside men. The following chapters highlight how various people and events impacted her sense of right and wrong, and her desire to see women as leaders in society. The back and white artwork is realistic and is helps break up larger chunks of writing, making this book appropriate for readers at varying levels of complexity. Susan's story brushes up against other notable people and topics and the book adds contextual information such as a description of who the Quakers and who Fredrick Douglas was. These bits of context are stylized as inserts and given special attention in order to highlight their significance in history. Overall, this book is a good overview on Susan B. Anthony's impact on the suffragist movement. I would have liked to see some explanation of how Susan's vision was carried out after her death in 1906. Women were granted the right to vote in 1920 and it would make sense to explain, perhaps in an insert, who carried on her vision.… (mere)
aprilasfour | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jul 24, 2022 |


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