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Patricia Polacco was born in Lansing, Michigan on July 11, 1944. She attended Oakland Tech High School in Oakland, California before heading off to the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, then Laney Community College in Oakland. She then set off for Monash University, Mulgrave, vis mere Australia and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia where she received a Ph.D in Art History, Emphasis on Iconography. After college, she restored ancient pieces of art for museums. She didn't start writing children's books until she was 41 years old. She began writing down the stories that were in her head, and was then encouraged to join the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. There she learned how to put together a dummy and get a story into the form of a children's picture book. Her mother paid for a trip to New York, where the two visited 16 publishers in one week. She submitted everything she had to more than one house. By the time she returned home the following week, she had sold just about everything. Polacco has won the 1988 Sydney Taylor Book Award for The Keeping Quilt, and the 1989 International Reading Association Award for Rechenka's Eggs. She was inducted into the Author's Hall of Fame by the Santa Clara Reading Council in 1990, and received the Commonwealth Club of California's Recognition of Excellence that same year for Babushka's Doll, and again in 1992 for Chicken Sunday. She also won the Golden Kite Award for Illustration from the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators for Chicken Sunday in 1992, as well as the Boston Area Educators for Social Responsibility Children's Literature and Social Responsibility Award. In 1993, she won the Jane Adams Peace Assoc. and Women's Intl. League for Peace and Freedom Honor award for Mrs. Katz and Tush for its effective contribution to peace and social justice. She has won Parent's Choice Honors for Some Birthday in 1991, the video Dream Keeper in 1997 and Thank You Mr. Falker in 1998. In 1996, she won the Jo Osborne Award for Humor in Children's Literature. Her titles The Art of Miss. Chew and The Blessing Cup made The New York Times Best Seller List. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Værker af Patricia Polacco

Thank You, Mr. Falker (1998) 3,598 eksemplarer
Thunder Cake (1990) 2,946 eksemplarer
Pink and Say (1994) 2,796 eksemplarer
The Keeping Quilt (1988) 2,772 eksemplarer
Chicken Sunday (1992) 2,688 eksemplarer
Mrs. Katz and Tush (1992) 1,788 eksemplarer
The bee tree (1993) 1,502 eksemplarer
Babushka's Doll (1990) 1,488 eksemplarer
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother (1994) 1,477 eksemplarer
Rechenka's Eggs (1656) 1,382 eksemplarer
The Junkyard Wonders (2010) 1,297 eksemplarer
Just Plain Fancy (1990) 1,263 eksemplarer
Mr. Lincoln's Way (2001) 1,244 eksemplarer
The Butterfly (2000) 1,214 eksemplarer
John Philip Duck (2004) 798 eksemplarer
The Trees of the Dancing Goats (1996) 769 eksemplarer
Emma Kate (2005) 760 eksemplarer
Christmas Tapestry (2002) 732 eksemplarer
For the Love of Autumn (2008) 716 eksemplarer
Babushka Baba Yaga (1993) 674 eksemplarer
When Lightning Comes in a Jar (2002) 603 eksemplarer
An Orange for Frankie (2004) 581 eksemplarer
Mrs. Mack (1998) 517 eksemplarer
Some Birthday! (1991) 481 eksemplarer
In Our Mothers' House (1967) 478 eksemplarer
Meteor! (1987) 457 eksemplarer
The Graves Family (2003) 440 eksemplarer
Welcome Comfort (1999) 409 eksemplarer
Betty Doll (2001) 388 eksemplarer
My Ol' Man (1995) 380 eksemplarer
The Lemonade Club (2007) 349 eksemplarer
Fiona's Lace (2014) 322 eksemplarer
Picnic at Mudsock Meadow (1992) 312 eksemplarer
G is for Goat (2003) 302 eksemplarer
Luba and the Wren (1999) 293 eksemplarer
Tikvah Means Hope (1615) 283 eksemplarer
Appelemando's Dreams (1991) 280 eksemplarer
I Can Hear the Sun (1996) 269 eksemplarer
The Art of Miss Chew (2012) 259 eksemplarer
An A From Miss Keller (2015) 259 eksemplarer
The Blessing Cup (2013) 245 eksemplarer
Bully (2012) 243 eksemplarer
January's Sparrow (2009) 241 eksemplarer
Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln (2011) 225 eksemplarer
Clara and Davie (2014) 224 eksemplarer
Mommies Say Shhh (2005) 221 eksemplarer
Bun Bun Button (2011) 221 eksemplarer
Something About Hensley's (2006) 215 eksemplarer
Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare (2005) 215 eksemplarer
The Graves Family Goes Camping (2005) 208 eksemplarer
Babushka's Mother Goose (1995) 194 eksemplarer
Uncle Vova's Tree (1989) 191 eksemplarer
Oh, Look! (2004) 188 eksemplarer
Someone for Mr. Sussmann (2008) 178 eksemplarer
Ginger and Petunia (2007) 177 eksemplarer
Tucky Jo and Little Heart (2015) 171 eksemplarer
Gifts of the Heart (2013) 151 eksemplarer
In Enzo's Splendid Garden (1997) 139 eksemplarer
Firetalking (1994) 134 eksemplarer
Mr. Wayne's Masterpiece (2014) 122 eksemplarer
The Mermaid's Purse (2016) 100 eksemplarer
Holes in the Sky (2018) 75 eksemplarer
Boat Ride with Lillian Two Blossom (1988) 75 eksemplarer
Remembering Vera (2017) 73 eksemplarer
Because of Thursday (2016) 60 eksemplarer
The Bravest Man in the World (2019) 60 eksemplarer
Palace of Books (2023) 47 eksemplarer
Sticks and Stones (2020) 44 eksemplarer
Still Firetalking (2014) 26 eksemplarer
Patricia Polacco: Dream Keeper (1990) 4 eksemplarer
Reading Rainbow: Appelemando's Dreams [1994 TV episode] (1994) — Forfatter — 1 eksemplar
Gracias, Sr. Falker 1 eksemplar

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Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888 (1888) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver1,441 eksemplarer

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This a charming book about sibling rivalry and reconciliation. Visit Storyline Online to hear it read by Melissa Gilbert!
Chrissylou62 | 86 andre anmeldelser | Apr 11, 2024 |
This was a great book to use for a unit on Springtime/Easter traditions. Third and Fourth graders all enjoyed the book.
Chrissylou62 | 20 andre anmeldelser | Apr 11, 2024 |
Elementary and early middle school, children. Young girl with struggles in schools gets sent to be in the classroom that is only for kids who struggle in school, she gets made fun of for this but ends up making the bestest friends ever in this class and learning so much about friendship and kindness.
Great book for inclusion.
Brianna.phelps | 151 andre anmeldelser | Apr 10, 2024 |
La historia trata de Trisha, una niña que siempre ha amado los libros pero cuando empieza la escuela, se da cuenta de que es muy difícil para ella aprender a leer, debido a ello sus compañeros del salón se burlan de ella y le faltan el respeto llamándola tonta, pero a pesar de todo es una niña muy talentosa. Finalmente, su maestro de quinto grado es quien reconoce la dificultad problema y la ayuda a salir de ello.
BibliotecaMB | Apr 7, 2024 |



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