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David Pietrusza

Forfatter af 1920: The Year of the Six Presidents

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David Pietrusza and his work have appeared on Good Morning America, Morning Joe, The Voice of America, The History Channel, ESPN, NPR, and C-SPAN. He has spoken at the Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Franklin D. Roosevelt presidential libraries and museums, as well as at various universities vis mere and festivals. He lives in upstate New York. Visit vis mindre

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Fairly solid account of the 1920 presidential campaign that saw Warren Harding defeat James Cox, in a quasi-referendum on Woodrow Wilson's policies. A lot of the material in this book, of course, is covered in other places, though the author springs a few surprises with respect to Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the assorted scandals he was involved in (including a hairy sex scandal, and his treatment of Haiti as Assistant Secretary of the Navy). Not many individuals come out well in this account; even the quasi-martyred Eugene Debs comes across as crabby and irritable. Altogether, 1920's election was not a high point.… (mere)
EricCostello | 9 andre anmeldelser | Nov 21, 2019 |
This a fun book by one of my favorite authors, David Pietrusza.

It was 1920, when six men who had been, were or would be president ran for the highest office.

Ex-president Theodore Roosevelt led the pack and was the favorite to get the Republican nomination. The very ill and very stubborn Woodrow Wilson wanted to run again to save his League of Nations. Also in the mix, eventual winner Warren G. Harding, his vice-president Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Teddy’s cousin Franklin Roosevelt.

They aren’t the only players, of course. Many other colorful characters are involved, such as the Democrat nominee James Cox, Socialist Eugene Debs, ex-president William Howard Taft, and various lovers, suffragists and prohibitionists.

It is a colorful tale about a colorful time in the nation’s history, just before the bottom dropped out.

Pietrusza knows how to tell a complicated tale, and does so thoroughly and thoughtfully.

There are a lot of moving parts to this story, and they’re all handled with aplomb and care.


For more of my reviews, go to Ralphsbooks.
… (mere)
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ralphz | 9 andre anmeldelser | Sep 7, 2018 |
A great look at a key election, impacting more than 15 years of U.S. history.

This is more than just The Great Debate and Papa Joe. The backroom dealings begin with the primaries, and the mistakes made by all.

Adlai Stevenson dithers, Nelson Rockefeller jumps in late and Hubert Humphrey isn't up to the task.

Kennedy takes on Nixon, and both sides have their pros and cons. And Nixon led deep into the election season. Then The Great Debate. Then Nixon battled back and took the lead again - which isn't widely remembered.

A lot of interesting characters populate this tale, and coming off worst of all were Eleanor Roosevelt (pretty much a racist), Bobby Kennedy (pretty much a profane bully) and Dwight Eisenhower (pretty much a disconnected president).

You'll likely find a lot of new information here, and new takes on old facts. Worth your time.

More reviews at my WordPress site, Ralphsbooks.
… (mere)
ralphz | 6 andre anmeldelser | Jul 25, 2017 |



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