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Steven James Petruccio

Forfatter af Tonka: Working Hard with the Mighty Mixer

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Omfatter også følgende navne: Steven Petruccio, Steven James Petruccio

Værker af Steven James Petruccio

Tonka: Working Hard with the Mighty Mixer (1993) — Illustrator — 200 eksemplarer
Dr. Hilda Makes House Calls (1988) — Illustrator — 54 eksemplarer
Raindrops and Rainbows (1525) — Illustrator — 22 eksemplarer
The Starry Sky (1989) — Illustrator — 21 eksemplarer
Grass and Grasshoppers (1990) — Illustrator — 18 eksemplarer
Congo: Gorilla Talk (1995) 15 eksemplarer
Puddles and Ponds (1990) — Illustrator — 14 eksemplarer
Pirates Tattoos (1998) 7 eksemplarer
Twelve Shakespeare Bookmarks (2004) 5 eksemplarer
At the Construction Site (2004) 5 eksemplarer
Cars Coloring Book (1996) 4 eksemplarer
Fire Engines Stickers (1998) 3 eksemplarer
Desert Life Sticker Activity Book (1999) 3 eksemplarer
Swamp Life Sticker Activity Book (1997) 2 eksemplarer
Nick, das Delfinbaby (2004) 2 eksemplarer
Wild West Sticker Picture (1998) 2 eksemplarer
Rodeo Coloring Book (2004) 2 eksemplarer
Old West Iron-On Transfers (1995) 2 eksemplarer
Presidential Libraries (2016) 1 eksemplar
Wild cats stickers (1996) 1 eksemplar
Whales: Flash Cards (1996) 1 eksemplar
Pirate Sticker Paper Doll (2006) 1 eksemplar
Big Apple Circus Coloring Book (1997) 1 eksemplar
Rain Forest Frogs Tattoos (1997) 1 eksemplar
Cowboys Stickers (1998) 1 eksemplar
Old West Sticker Activity Book (2006) 1 eksemplar
Tarzan Sticker Activity Book (1999) 1 eksemplar
Sea Animals (1997) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

Manatee Winter (1994) — Illustrator — 714 eksemplarer
The Story of Harriet Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railroad (1990) — Illustrator — 549 eksemplarer
Tonka: Working Hard with the Mighty Dump Truck (1993) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver374 eksemplarer
Johnny Appleseed (Hello Reader (Level 1)) (1948) — Illustrator — 342 eksemplarer
Tonka: Working Hard with the Busy Fire Truck (1993) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver308 eksemplarer
TONKA: Fire Truck to the Rescue (1994) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver252 eksemplarer
Octopus' Den (1997) — Illustrator — 207 eksemplarer
Sharks! (2001) — Illustrator — 196 eksemplarer
TONKA: Working Hard With the RESCUE HELICOPTER (1997) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver166 eksemplarer
TONKA: Building the SKYSCRAPER (1999) — Illustrator — 166 eksemplarer
TONKA: Building the NEW SCHOOL (1995) — Illustrator — 162 eksemplarer
TONKA: Working Hard With the MIGHTY TRACTOR TRAILER and BULLDOZER (1997) — Illustrator — 161 eksemplarer
TONKA: Building the NEW ROAD (1998) — Illustrator — 151 eksemplarer
TONKA: Highway Trucks (1998) — Illustrator — 138 eksemplarer
TONKA: At the Auto Repair Center (1999) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver108 eksemplarer
TONKA: Working Hard With the MIGHTY BACKHOE (1998) — Illustrator — 106 eksemplarer
Seahorse reef: A story of the south Pacific (2000) — Illustrator — 95 eksemplarer
TONKA: Working With the MIGHTY CRANE (1998) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver75 eksemplarer
Simply Science: An All Aboard Reading Collection (2003) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver36 eksemplarer
Working Hard with Tonka Trucks (2002) 33 eksemplarer
Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea (Smithsonian Oceanic Collection) (2008) — Illustrator — 28 eksemplarer
Dolphin's Rescue: The Story of the Pacific White-Sided Dolphin (2005) — Illustrator — 25 eksemplarer

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A book about the movie 'Congo' that tells the story of a female gorilla that learns sign language and succeeds to communicate with humans. It also tells about other gorillas who succeeded learning sign language
Lou_Sanz | Jul 14, 2020 |
This book did not win any awards. This book would be good for grades first through third because there is a lot of information that this book covers and the text is simple enough for a first grader to understand and it's interesting enough to grab a third grader's attention. This book informs the reader about the sun, the stars and the moon. It tells us little details about each topic. For the sun it talks about which side it rises and sets and why the sky is blue. For the stars it talks about constellations and how they are trillions of miles away from earth. And for the moon it discusses the phases of the moon. This book deals with space and science related terms. Before reading this book we would write some space terms on the board to get their minds going about space. Then I will bring in my astronaut puppet to help me read the book for the first graders and I don't know if I would bring him in for the upper grades. After reading we can talk about the constellations and the stars since that's a fun topic. They can draw a night sky and we can talk about all the different types of constellations.… (mere)
mmaher8 | Oct 31, 2011 |
Great series about different baby animals in their first year. Very informative stories, and there is additional information about the animal in question in the back. Appealing, realistic artwork. This one about dolphins has particularly beautiful colors and scenes. There is one scary incident with a shark, be prepared for questions!
AnneDenney | Feb 10, 2011 |
This book... Well, it may be a little bit of a stretch to say it changed my life, but damn near. I'm not really sure WHY, exactly, but this book has been very very dear to me since before I was even able to read. It's a cute little book about a vet trying to enjoy her day off with her daughter, but emergencies keep coming up and they have to go help the animals. A dog, a cat, a horse... And it's so sweet because they had this great day planned, but they put the animals first and it turns out to be a great day anyways. For a long time I thought I had lost this book, and searched all over the internet but couldn't figure out the title. I found it a few weeks ago in an old trunk I have, and all the memories came flooding back. This is one of the few "special" books I *know* I'll keep until I die.… (mere)
Heather19 | Feb 9, 2010 |


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