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Værker af Sandy Petersen

Call of Cthulhu (1981) 1,011 eksemplarer
Fragments of Fear (1985) 41 eksemplarer
Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. QuickStart (2013) 32 eksemplarer
The Asylum and Other Tales (1983) — Forfatter — 27 eksemplarer
RuneQuest: Glorantha Bestiary (2018) 21 eksemplarer
Gloranthan Bestiary (1988) 19 eksemplarer
Stormbringer Companion (1983) 11 eksemplarer
Borderlands (1982) 11 eksemplarer
Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos (2018) 9 eksemplarer
The Derelict (2016) 8 eksemplarer
Cthulhu. Spielleiter-Handbuch. (2003) 8 eksemplarer
Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos (2022) 5 eksemplarer
Cthulhu : Les Créatures du Mythe (1988) 4 eksemplarer
Runequest - Das Kreaturenbuch (1991) 2 eksemplarer
Cthulhu - Das Rollenspiel (1990) 2 eksemplarer
Dark Worlds (2020) 2 eksemplarer
The Big Sleep - Book 1 2 eksemplarer
Cthulhu : Les Créatures du Mythe (2019) 2 eksemplarer
Basic Creatures (2004) 2 eksemplarer
Cthulhu Mythos (2018) 2 eksemplarer
Planet Apocalypse 1 eksemplar
Guide to Glorantha Volume I — Forfatter — 1 eksemplar
Guide to Glorantha Volume II — Forfatter — 1 eksemplar
Cthulhu Mythos 5e 1 eksemplar
Cthulhu Wars [GAME] 1 eksemplar
Dark Worlds [Act2: Niyhon] (2020) 1 eksemplar
The Big Sleep [Act 4: Lullaby] (2021) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The Fungi from Yuggoth (Call of Cthulhu Adventure) (1984) — Redaktør — 28 eksemplarer
The Glorantha Sourcebook (2018) — Bidragyder — 27 eksemplarer
Gloranthan Classics : Griffin Mountain, second edition (2001) — Bidragyder, nogle udgaver17 eksemplarer
The Red Book of Magic (2021) 15 eksemplarer
Argan Argar Atlas (2014) — Forfatter, nogle udgaver14 eksemplarer
The Lion and the Aardvark: Aesop's Modern Fables (2013) — Bidragyder — 13 eksemplarer
Ringworld Companion (1984) — Bidragyder — 11 eksemplarer
FenCon X: Infinite Possibilities — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar

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A collection of convention scenarios which have pre generated characters and really a feel for short, action packed sessions about them. Good for those with Shortened play times and an expectation of action and adventure. Varying in setting and locale, it's not boring and could make for a varied campaign. Some of the scenarios could be modified further and developed from where they are.
aadyer | Dec 7, 2018 |
Based on the popular independent comic book series by the Pini's. If you liked that world, this was a fun game, using Choasium's Basic Role Playing system, tweaked for various Wolfrider (and other elven) powers.
BruceCoulson | Jul 10, 2014 |
For the excellent CoC role-playing game, a guidebook to the Dreamlands; how to introduce them into your game, how to plan adventures, and various creatures, spells, and menaces lurking in the shadows.
BruceCoulson | Mar 11, 2014 |
Call of Cthulhu (CoC) is a "pen & paper" roleplaying game (RPG) published in 1981 by Chaosium and still very popular. Now in its 6th edition, CoC features a very simple but realistic set of rules based on opposing percentual skills and probabilities. Based on the Basic Roleplaying set of rules, also called D100, is very similar to the actual probabilities we are used to in the real world and allows a very easy and smooth playing experience without the multiple tables, stats and calculations which complicate and slow down most of the other RPGs (D&D anyone?). Also the player and NPC stats are generally compatible with real people with real skills and capabilities. Magic exists but is limited and can have dire effects. Weapons need expertise and have real world effects disallowing superhuman powers in players (as found in other RPGs): reckless players can quickly die in CoC.
CoC is a investigator-suspense-horror RPG with a classic setting in the late 19th or early 20th centuries. However, with time most every other era (future inclusive) has been adapted to the game which has a huge collection of sourcebooks and supplements ranging from several-months-play long elaborate epic missions to short one-hour-play adventures.
An important feature is sanity which is expended each time a player has a terrible experience or has a contact with the Occult, direct or through text, objects or rituals. Loss of sanity causes psychotic surges and ultimately leds to definitive dementia.
In sharply contrast to other RPGs, after several versions the core principles an rules of CoC are still the same enabling direct use of old published material and preserving the investment already made by faithful veteran players.
The game is easy to learn and the adventures very easy to prepare generally in a short time. The easy intuitive rules and a lot of clever settings and scenarios allow for a smooth game and a very unique and suspensive game playing experience.
… (mere)
1 stem
macoram | 7 andre anmeldelser | Aug 20, 2013 |


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