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Anne Perry was born Juliet Hume on October 28, 1938 in Blackheath, London. Sent to Christchurch, New Zealand to recover from a childhood case of severe pneumonia, she became very close friends with another girl, Pauline Parker. When Perry's family abandoned her, she had only Parker to turn to, and vis mere when the Parkers planned to move from New Zealand, Parker asked that Perry be allowed to join them. When Parker's mother disagreed, Perry and Parker bludgeoned her to death. Perry eventually served five and a half years in an adult prison for the crime. Once she was freed, she changed her name and moved to America, where she eventually became a writer. Her first Victorian novel, The Cater Street Hangman, was published in 1979. Although the truth of her past came out when the case of Mrs. Parker's murder was made into a movie (Heavenly Creatures), Perry is still a popular author and continues to write. She has written over 50 books and short story collections including the Thomas Pitt series, the William Monk series, and the Daniel Pitt series. Her story, Heroes, won the 2001 Edgar Award for Best Short Story. Her title's Blind Justice and The Angel Court Affair made The New York Times Best Seller List. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


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Digby's First Case (1988) 2 eksemplarer
A Tale of One City 2 eksemplarer
A Christmas Story 1 eksemplar
Lost Causes 1 eksemplar
The Judgement 1 eksemplar
Hostages {story} 1 eksemplar
Hostage to Fortune 1 eksemplar
Christmas Mysteries 2 (2013) 1 eksemplar
Crime Ladies (1995) 1 eksemplar

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Den røde pimpernel (1903) — Introduktion, nogle udgaver8,553 eksemplarer
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Transgressions 3: Four Brand New Novellas (UK Edition) (1887) — Bidragyder — 2 eksemplarer
Du sang sous le sapin (2001) 2 eksemplarer

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Anne Perry Group Read--Part 1 i 2013 Category Challenge (december 2013)


Toujours aussi bavarde pour ne pas dire grand chose d'intéressant, l'histoire pourrait être diminuée d'un bon tiers et serait beaucoup plus digeste...
pangee | 19 andre anmeldelser | Nov 30, 2023 |
A murder mystery set in the Victorian period in London and, I discovered, part of a series about police inspector Thomas Pitt and his wife Charlotte. Resurrected bodies start turning up, the first propped on the box of a hansom cab, and confusion follows with mis-identification adding to the Inspector's problems.

A strong thread in the story is the appalling conditions in the homes of the urban poor and the workhouses where they are forced to go if they reach bottom - with women prepared to turn part-time prostitute to avoid taking their children to such places. The Victorian setting is well evoked, not only the squalor and destitution but also the struggle of the respectable working classes such as the Inspector's family; the cold and wet and the difficulty of heating a home, and the balancing of household budgets so that bacon for breakfast means having to take the omnibus or walk rather than take a cab. Charlotte is from a prosperous family and has married beneath her, this apparently being the subject of an earlier book in the series, so she has to teach herself household skills. Unlike most married couples of the period, she and Thomas enjoy a fairly equal partnership, with Thomas having to bite his lip when his so-called betters express misogynistic views. For this is an era when deference to the upper classes holds sway and even the police must avoid upsetting them or risk losing their jobs.

Throughout the story Pitt has to deal with the upper classes with all the difficulties this entails, although he enjoys a more relaxed relationship with 'Aunt Vespasia', an elderly intelligent woman who is related to Charlotte through the marriage of her sister Emily. The story deals with the scandals that some of the privileged are involved in and the lengths to which they will go to prevent disclosure.

Where it fell down for me is in the denouement. Given the prejudices and the difficulties Pitt has already had in pursuing the case, with his superiors anxious not to give offence to the rich and powerful, I found it incredible that he is able to arrest the guilty party. The only witness to the case is a lower class woman - two strikes against her credibility with a jury, who in those days would be exclusively male and drawn from at least the lower middle class and upwards at that. And to compound matters, she runs a brothel, so they just wouldn't believe her. Given the wealth and connections of the accused and the number of favours he could call in, I couldn't believe that any corroboration provided by his bank would carry weight; couldn't he arrange for a friend to say he had been meaning to sell a property to the accused, but then changed his mind, hence the money going in and out of the bank? There was no other material evidence: perhaps it's a matter of public record that he owns a certain building, but that doesn't put him in the frame, given that the only witness to the date and time (the body having not been discovered for a few weeks) is the brothel madam. With all that, it would surely have been much more credible to have it as one of those cases where the police know who did it, but can't bring it to court?

That lack of believability seriously undercut my enjoyment by the end, given that I also didn't find it very credible when we find out who was responsible for the 'resurrections'. Why did the person concerned go to so much trouble; wouldn't it have been simpler just to hide the murder victim, given that they hid another body for weeks before bringing it to public attention?

All in all, good evocation of setting and the main protagonist and his wife are likeable characters, but the lack of a strong convincing plot means this can only rate 3 stars, and does not encourage me to try the series again.
… (mere)
kitsune_reader | 15 andre anmeldelser | Nov 23, 2023 |
Good plot, interesting people - like her tales more as time goes on. No graphics, profanity or gore but still a little creepy (in a good way) . Well narrated and highly recommended.
C.L.Barnett | 16 andre anmeldelser | Nov 21, 2023 |
Nicely plotted. Pleasant read. Well narrated. A favorite. Think I read this episode in series … most I listened to.
C.L.Barnett | 17 andre anmeldelser | Nov 21, 2023 |



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