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The Better Brain Book (2004) 137 eksemplarer
Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment (2011) 72 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
The microbiome and the brain (2019) 12 eksemplarer

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You become what you eat. credible idea about the stomach bacteria and the ability of the intestines to affect your well-being (including brain-related such as migraines, MS, depression). Our "western" food culture is far too bacteria-poor. Eat less sugar and processed food, and instead eat more fibre, garlic, artichoke, tea, wine, yoghurt and above all more fermented foods.

However, I lost credibility with the author after about 50 pages. He included references throughout the text - but despite that, it feels like pseudo-science, and like he is extra-polishing results to fit his world view.

So you who are a new reader - be critical and embrace what you think makes sense for your life!
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alewah | 12 andre anmeldelser | May 25, 2024 |
Two main takeaways for me:

1. Your gut biome is very important, and something we haven't really prioritized in the West with our diets. It can help as a supplemental regulatory organ for lots of biological processes. There are also lots of foods that provide good diversity to your gut biome (listed in the book). I think this takeaway has been taken to heart in the mainstream since the publication of this book, since probiotics are found everywhere now.

2. Inflammation is a major factor in lots of diseases/disorders, including many brain conditions (ADHD, depression, etc.) A healthy gut biome can help regulate inflammation, which in turn can help with some of the above. (I think this causal chain is a little muddy here... if anything it makes me want to get things that directly help with inflammation rather than in this roundabout way) I think the message around inflammation has also hit mainstream since this book's publication.
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nimishg | 12 andre anmeldelser | Apr 12, 2023 |
Another book that claims to be right about things that are the opposite of others. Cholesterol is bad, no it's good, fat is a killer, no fat is a perfect nutrient. Who are we supposed to believe? I'm not sure about anything it seems. He mentions studies, but so do the others. I just don't know how to tell what is true and what is not. I guess I'll need to research this, now, and try to come up with a conclusion on my own, again. I'm working on it... can you tell I've read a lot of hype, but am tired of not having definitive evidence/direction?… (mere)
Wren73 | 33 andre anmeldelser | Mar 4, 2022 |
This was interesting. I'm not sure I buy into everything, but I will investigate further to determine how far to go.
Wren73 | 12 andre anmeldelser | Mar 4, 2022 |


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