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Born in England, the son of a geneticist, Roger Penrose received a Ph.D. in 1957 from Cambridge University. Penrose then became a professor of applied mathematics at Birkbeck College in 1966 and a Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University in 1973. Penrose, a mathematician and vis mere theoretical physicist, has done much to elucidate the fundamental properties of black holes. With Stephen Hawking, Penrose proved a theorem of Albert Einstein's general relativity, asserting that at the center of a black hole there must evolve a "space-time singularity" of zero volume and infinite density, in which the current laws of physics do not apply. He also proposed the hypothesis of "cosmic censorship," which claims that such singularities must possess an event horizon. In 1969 Penrose described a process for the extraction of energy from a black hole, as well as how rotational energy of the black hole is transferred to a particle outside the hole. In addition, Penrose has done much to develop the mathematics needed to unite general relativity, which deals with the gravitational interactions of matter, and quantum mechanics, which describes all other interactions. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Værker af Roger Penrose

Shadows of the Mind (1994) 925 eksemplarer
The Nature of Space and Time (1996) 719 eksemplarer
Quantum Physics of Consciousness (2011) — Bidragyder — 15 eksemplarer
Oxford en Cambridge (1950) 12 eksemplarer
Collected works (2010) 6 eksemplarer
I BUCHI NERI 3 eksemplarer
Spinors and Space-Time 2 eksemplarer
Relativity 1 eksemplar

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What Is Life? : With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches (1992) — Forord, nogle udgaver845 eksemplarer
The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing (2008) — Bidragyder — 801 eksemplarer
Six Easy Pieces and Six Not-So-Easy Pieces (1963) — Introduktion, nogle udgaver394 eksemplarer
White Mars (1999) 199 eksemplarer
'Nature and the Greeks' and 'Science and Humanism' (Canto original series) (1996) — Forord, nogle udgaver88 eksemplarer
Explaining Consciousness: The Hard Problem (1997) — Bidragyder — 82 eksemplarer
The Nature of Time (1986) — Bidragyder — 41 eksemplarer
Coffee with Einstein (Coffee with...Series) (2008) — Forord — 33 eksemplarer

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Indeholder "Note to the reader", "Acknowledgements", "Figure acknowledgements", "Foreword by Martin Gardner", "Prologue", "1. Can a computer have a mind?", " Introduction", " The Turing test", " Artificial intelligence", " An AI approach to pleasure and pain", " Strong AI and Searle's Chinese room", " Hardware and software.", "2. Algorithms and Turing Machines", " Background to the algorithm concept", " Turing's concept", " Binary coding of numerical data", " The Church-Turing thesis", " Numbers other than natural numbers", " The universal Turing Machine", " The insolubility of Hilbert's problem", " How to outdo an algorithm", " Church's lambda calculus.", "3. Mathematics and reality", " The land of Tor'Bled-Nam", " Real numbers", " How many real numbers are there?", " 'Reality' of real numbers", " Complex numbers", " Construction of the Mandelbrot set", " Platonic reality of mathematical concepts.", "4. Truth, proof and insight", " Hilbert's programme for mathematics", " Formal mathematical systems", " Gödel's theorem", " Mathematical insight", " Platonism or intuitionism?", " Gödel-type theorems from Turing's result", " Recursively enumerable sets", " Is the Mandelbrot set recursive?", " Some examples of non-recursive mathematics", " Is the Mandelbrot set like non-recursive mathematics?", " Complexity theory", " Complexity and computability in physical things", "5. The classical world", " The status of physical theory", " Euclidean geometry", " The dynamics of Galileo and Newton", " The mechanistic world of Newtonian dynamics", " Is life in the billiard-ball world computable?", " Hamiltonian mechanics", " Phase space", " Maxwell's electromagnetic theory", " Computablilty and the wave equation", " The Lorentz equation of motion - runaway particles", " The special relativity of Einstein and Poincare", " Einstein's general relativity", " Relativistic causality and determinism", " Computability in classical physics - where do we stand?", " Mass, matter and reality", "6. Quantum magic and quantum mystery", " Do philosophers need quantum theory?", " Problems with classical theory", " The beginnings of quantum theory", " The two-slit experiment", " Probability amplitudes", " The quantum state of a particle", " The uncertainty principle", " The evolution procedures U and R", " Particles in two places at once", " Hilbert space", " Measurements", " Spin and the Riemann sphere of states", " Objectivity and measurability of quantum states", " Copying a quantum state", " Photon spin", " Objects with large spin", " Many-particle systems", " The 'paradox' of Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen", " Schrödinger's equation - Dirac's equation", " Quantum field theory", " Schrödinger's cat", " Various attitudes in existing quantum theory", " Where does all this leave us", "7. Cosmology and the arrow of time", " The flow of time", " The inexorable increase of entropy", " What is entropy?", " The second law in action", " The origin of low entropy in the universe", " Cosmology and the big bang", " The primordial fireball", " Does the big bang explain the second law?", " Black holes", " The structure of space-time singularities.", " How special was the big bang?", "8. In search of quantum gravity", " Why quantum gravity?", " What lies behind the Weyl curvature hypothesis?", " Time-asymmetry in state-vector reduction", " Hawking's box - a link with the Weyl curvature hypothesis?", " When does the state-vector reduce?", "9. Real brains and model brains", " What are brains actually like?", " Where is the seat of consciousness?", " Split-brain experiments", " Blindsight", " Information processing in the visual cortex", " How do nerve signals work?", " Computer models", " Brain plasticity", " Parallel computers and the 'oneness' of consciousness", " Is there a role for quantum mechanics in brain activity?", " Quantum computers", " Beyond quantum theory?", "10. Where lies the physics of the mind?", " What are minds for?", " What does consciousness actually do?", " Animal consciousness?", " Natural selection of algorithms?", " The non-algorithmic nature of mathematical insight", " Inspiration, insight, and originality", " Non-verbality of thought", " Animal consciousness?", " Contact with Plato's world", " A view of physical reality", " Determinism and strong determinism", " The anthropic principle", " Tilings and quasicrystals", " Possible relevance to brain placticity", " The time-delays of consciousness.", " The strange role of time in conscious perception", " Conclusion: a child's view", "Epilogue", "References", "Index".

Roger Penrose har skrevet en vældig interessant bog med den hensigt at vise at kvanteteori har et eller andet at gøre med fri vilje. Det lykkes ikke, men de ca 500 siders indledning er underholdende og læsværdige alligevel. Men skip slutningen.
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bnielsen | 26 andre anmeldelser | Apr 1, 2012 |



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