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Scott Pilgrim kører stilen (2004) 3,457 eksemplarer
Scott Pilgrim mod verden (2005) 2,475 eksemplarer
Scott Pilgrim & den utrolige tristesse (2006) 2,075 eksemplarer
Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (2007) 1,966 eksemplarer
Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe (2009) 1,701 eksemplarer
Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour (2010) 1,611 eksemplarer
Seconds (2014) 1,011 eksemplarer
Lost At Sea (2003) 742 eksemplarer
Snotgirl, Volume 1: Green Hair Don't Care (2017) — Forfatter — 458 eksemplarer
Snotgirl, Volume 2: California Screaming (2018) — Forfatter — 182 eksemplarer
Scott Pilgrim Contra o Mundo, Vol. 3 (2011) 145 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #1 (2016) — Forfatter; Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver28 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #2 (2016) — Forfatter; Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver7 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #3 (2016) — Forfatter; Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver6 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #4 (2016) — Forfatter; Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver6 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #5 (2016) — Forfatter; Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver5 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #6 (2017) 5 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #7 (2017) 4 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #8 (2017) 4 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #14 (2019) 3 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #9 (2018) 3 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #12 (2018) 3 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #11 (2018) 3 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #13 (2019) 2 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #3 2 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #10 (2018) 2 eksemplarer
Snotgirl #2 2 eksemplarer
Oni Press Color Special 2002 (2002) 1 eksemplar
Snotgirl #5 1 eksemplar
Scott Pilgrim: Contra o Mundo (2010) 1 eksemplar
Scott Pilgrim, 1-3 (2010) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act (2014) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver1,618 eksemplarer
Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd (2009) — Illustrator — 1,129 eksemplarer
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [2010 film] (2010) — Original Author — 377 eksemplarer
The Best American Comics 2010 (2010) — Bidragyder — 206 eksemplarer
The Wicked + The Divine Deluxe Edition: Year One (2016) — Bidragyder, nogle udgaver149 eksemplarer
Young Avengers Omnibus (2014) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver104 eksemplarer
Hopeless Savages Volume 2: Ground Zero (2002) — Illustrator — 95 eksemplarer
The Wicked + The Divine #1 (2014) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver67 eksemplarer
You Ain't No Dancer Vol. 1 (2005) — Bidragyder — 8 eksemplarer
Young Avengers (2013) #1 (2013) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver7 eksemplarer
Comics Festival!: Free Comic Book Day 2007 (2007) — Bidragyder — 4 eksemplarer
Sidekicks: Super Summer Fun Special (2003) Issue #1 (2002) — Letterer — 1 eksemplar

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Very enjoyable overall although I was never very interested in the plot (not after evil boyfriend number 3 or 4). Even in volume 6(?) where Scott has to accept all the things that he'd done wrong it felt less consequential than it should of done. And apart from that it mostly felt a bit well repetitive.

What I did really like, though, was the incorporation of gaming tropes (Level Up, New T-shirt Accessed) were genuinely innovative and felt entirely natural. Some of the meta-fiction throwaway lines are great too (Scott's mother saying "dont't you remember Scott got a 1-Up in volume 3?").The characters are well defined and quirky. And finally, O'Malley's art matches the story fantastically. From the kinetic action sequences, through the pixellated video-game graphics, to the judicious use of sudden ultrasimplistic line-art (normally to illustrate a bathetic punchline). It all communicates the plot and the emotional state of the characters really well.

Great use of the comics medium, innovatiove use of gaming tropes, nicely defined characters and heaps and heaps of fun. If the plot had been a bit more involved it would have been a little masterpiece.
… (mere)
thisisstephenbetts | 31 andre anmeldelser | Nov 25, 2023 |

This volume is making me think that this series will inevitably to jump the shark. At first I thought nothing could ever be too "hammy". I was wrong. Lottie was being extra in these last issues. Like really bratty, desperate and over clingy over Caroline (IT WAS ONE KISS, CALM THE F@CK DOWN!). Then Virgil is suddenly a member of Seal team six going on missions with his brother(?), who literally shows up out of nowhere. That detective is a shell of a character he needs to be scrapped. What, exactly is his purpose? Sunny cares more about what is going on than he does. Whatever. Ashley is suddenly "way into" his best friend. That wedding fiasco and that nonchalant reveal at the end was everything. I can't say I am totally committed to finishing the series at the point. The novelty is kind of wearing off. I still love the outfits though.

Quick side-note:

Roscoe/Reggie and Cute-girl's camp outfits
… (mere)
OnniAdda | 3 andre anmeldelser | Nov 22, 2023 |
Charlene (cool girl) has been officially invited into Lottie's elite circle of " friends". Even though the rest of her group isn't really feeling Charlene and adamantly protest her inclusion into the group, ultimately they cave in order to please Lottie. Trouble,however, starts to brew shortly thereafter and everyone (cute girl) labels Charlene as suspect numero uno. Will shit continue to get cray-cray just as the Fashion police puts all the pieces together? Hopefully it does,but honestly I'll continue to read just to see thirsty Virgil lurking behind the corners of locker rooms and cute girl giving looks for the GAWDS, comedy de jour and MAD side eye.… (mere)
OnniAdda | 11 andre anmeldelser | Nov 22, 2023 |
Lottie, a rising fashion blogger has a dirty little secret. Will it stay hidden or will it be revealed by a certain fashion obsessed detective. Saccharine friends - check (specifically, cutegirl, the queen of shade), THE FASHION (like Oprah says "I LOVE IT!"), and the elements of teen drama stuffing in throughout the story (shirt-less dudes and the possibility of le sexy time) was surprisingly good. It was cute,funny and the art style really compliments the story. Although not perfect, it was funny,engaging and mostly interesting.… (mere)
OnniAdda | 32 andre anmeldelser | Nov 22, 2023 |



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