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Shine Shine Shine (2012) 580 eksemplarer
Everybody's Baby: A Novella (2014) 14 eksemplarer

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Netzer, Lydia
Detroit, Michigan, USA



The writing is exquisite and the plot unique. My only issue was there was too much description, too many paragraphs included about the sex lives and acts of the main characters. I am not saying that there shouldn't have been any - it was crucial to the story and character definitions - I just would have liked to have read less of that and had more to read about the 2nd tier characters
schoenbc70 | 21 andre anmeldelser | Sep 2, 2023 |
I am always looking for the "something different"; browsing the shelves of my local library, I keep finding "copy-cat" books - the couple with the child murdered or kidnapped, the fantasy trying to emulate Hunger Games or (worse) Twilight and vampires, the terror-threat novels with their stereotypes.

Bless Lydia Netzer for writing her poignant book with new worlds to explore, to feel, to be a part of, and ti find similar places or events in my own life.
schoenbc70 | 70 andre anmeldelser | Sep 2, 2023 |
I take it back: [a:Lydia Netzer|4886414|Lydia Netzer|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1384708162p2/4886414.jpg] apparently has more than one book in her. This is not a book about a quirky astronomy-obsessed person and their equally quirky love interest! Who knew (full disclosure: I will read that book as many times as Lydia Netzer cares to write it.)

Nonetheless, the concept really allows Netzer's true talent of inventing infinite ultra-quirky characters to shine. You see, there's this baby, and its parents, and then all of its kickstarter backers, each of whom has their own reason for getting involved. The parents, Jenna and Billy, are each well-written and their relationship feels realistic, with the conflict being compelling rather than over-the-top.

I thought that the take on crowdsourcing was a little cliche, and perhaps a little on the nose given the GoFundMes for fertility that now exist in real life, but it has been two years since it was written, so there is that. Nonetheless, it's a fun exploration of how the more grassroots part of the internet affects us.
… (mere)
settingshadow | Aug 19, 2023 |
I loved [b:Shine Shine Shine|13167199|Shine Shine Shine|Lydia Netzer|https://d2arxad8u2l0g7.cloudfront.net/books/1325702786s/13167199.jpg|16422717], so I jumped on this when I found it in our local little library. In conclusion, I think Lydia Netzer basically can only write one book. Also, I'm pretty sure I will happily read that book as many different ways as she would like to write it. The book is this: quirky and star-obsessed scientist(s) -- in Shine Shine Shine an astronomer; here a pair of astrophysicists -- face obstacles in their love for each other, but are just too quirky to really integrate with the rest of society. The conclusion is a light, but deep-hearted, geeky romantic comedy formula that seems to be just my speed.

I was worried the premise of the mothers setting up their children to be soul-mates would turn out to be twee, but the twists it took from the back cover saved it, in addition to the other plot elements. I liked that Irene and George were full characters with personalities and goals beyond their romance and the quirkiness.

This isn't a perfect novel -- George and Irene's respective initial significant others are pretty one-dimensional and seem to exist for comic relief alone. A bizarre narwhal-filled interlude is cute but unharmonious with the rest of the novel. It's clear it was Netzer's pet scene (and she says as much in the afterword) and she couldn't quite pull it out even when it was clear it wasn't working.

Lydia Netzer may only write one book, but, in my foray into literary fiction I've learned that 90% of literary fiction is the same retread "modern novel" over and over and it's very dull. So I'll take her repetitive, but geeky, quirky and fresh novel as many different ways as she wants to write it.
… (mere)
settingshadow | 21 andre anmeldelser | Aug 19, 2023 |



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½ 3.7

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