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Howard Nemerov (1920–1991)

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Nemerov's poetry is known for its wit and intelligence. His poetry is stoical and ironical. In his essays, he has argued against both what he considers to be the slackness of "free form" and the rigidity of prescriptive measures from the past. Nemerov's first book of poetry, The Image and Law vis mere (1947), was well received by critics, while The Salt Garden (1955) reflects the themes he was to develop in his writing, especially a concern for nature. The Blue Swallows (1967) received mixed reviews but won him the first Roethke Memorial Prize. He also received the Oscar Blumenthal Prize (1958), the Harriet Monroe Memorial Prize (1959), the National Institute and American Academy Award in literature (1961), and the Pulitzer Prize (1978). A lively and uncompromising critic, he has selected for his Poetry and Fiction: Essays of the 1970s emphasizing twentieth-century literature and the contemporary stance of the critic. Journal of the Fictive Life (1965) is Nemerov's somewhat grim introspective search for the conditions that make a writer most creative. He became the third poet laureate of the United States in 1988. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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Værker af Howard Nemerov

New and Selected Poems (1960) 43 eksemplarer
Journal of the Fictive Life (1965) 34 eksemplarer
Next Room of the Dream (1962) 32 eksemplarer
The Blue Swallows (1967) 26 eksemplarer
Sentences (1980) 24 eksemplarer
A Howard Nemerov Reader (1991) 23 eksemplarer
Poets on Poetry (1966) — Redaktør — 21 eksemplarer
Western Approaches: Poems 1973-75 (1975) 17 eksemplarer
Poetry and fiction: essays (1963) 17 eksemplarer
Gnomes and Occasions Poems (1973) 16 eksemplarer
Inside the Onion (1984) 16 eksemplarer
The Homecoming Game (1957) 11 eksemplarer
Reflexions on poetry & poetics (1972) 10 eksemplarer
The Melodramatists (1992) 9 eksemplarer
Federigo; or, The power of love (1954) 7 eksemplarer
Contemporary American Poetry (1965) — Redaktør — 5 eksemplarer
New & Selected Essays (1985) 5 eksemplarer
Mirrors & windows, poems (1958) 4 eksemplarer
The salt garden; poems 4 eksemplarer
H/N New & Selected Poems (1960) 4 eksemplarer
Five American Poets — Bidragyder — 3 eksemplarer
By Al Lebowitz's Pool. 2 eksemplarer
Guide to the Ruins 2 eksemplarer
Longfellow 2 eksemplarer
Endor drama in one act (1961) 2 eksemplarer
Contemporary American Poetry (1965) 2 eksemplarer
"Angel and Stone" 1 eksemplar
Small Moment 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms (2000) — Bidragyder — 1,268 eksemplarer
Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama (1995) — Bidragyder, nogle udgaver930 eksemplarer
The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry (1990) — Bidragyder — 762 eksemplarer
A Pocket Book of Modern Verse (1954) — Bidragyder, nogle udgaver446 eksemplarer
Contemporary American Poetry (1962) — Bidragyder, nogle udgaver385 eksemplarer
Against Forgetting: Twentieth-Century Poetry of Witness (1993) — Bidragyder — 336 eksemplarer
The 40s: The Story of a Decade (2014) — Bidragyder — 279 eksemplarer
American Religious Poems: An Anthology (2006) — Bidragyder — 163 eksemplarer
Poets of World War II (2003) — Bidragyder — 135 eksemplarer
American Sonnets: An Anthology (2007) — Bidragyder — 66 eksemplarer
The Hungry Ear: Poems of Food and Drink (2012) — Bidragyder — 63 eksemplarer
Lament for the Makers: A Memorial Anthology (1996) — Bidragyder — 52 eksemplarer
Point of Departure (1967) — Bidragyder — 49 eksemplarer
60 Years of American Poetry (1996) — Bidragyder — 28 eksemplarer
Great Short Stories of the World (1965) — Bidragyder — 26 eksemplarer
Wonders: Writings and Drawings for the Child in Us All (1980) — Bidragyder — 18 eksemplarer
The Best American Short Stories 1959 (1959) — Bidragyder — 13 eksemplarer
The Best American Short Stories 1955 (1955) — Bidragyder — 13 eksemplarer
Of Leaf and Flower: Stories and Poems for Gardeners (2001) — Bidragyder — 11 eksemplarer
New World Writing: First Mentor Selection (1952) — Bidragyder — 11 eksemplarer
The Best American Short Stories 1960 (1960) — Bidragyder — 11 eksemplarer
The Noble Savage 3 (1961) — Bidragyder — 5 eksemplarer
The Best American Short Stories 1958 (1958) — Bidragyder — 5 eksemplarer
New World Writing #13: Stories, Poetry, Essays, Drama (1958) — Bidragyder — 4 eksemplarer

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Why must the overwhelming majority of American and 20th century poetry be either awful or dull???
judeprufrock | Jul 4, 2023 |
This generous selection of Howard Nemerov’s work appeared in the year of his death. It contains eighty or so poems, eight short stories, fifteen critical essays, and a novel. I found the poems consistently excellent. The stories were haunting and wry; “The Ocean to Cynthia,” in particular, was unforgettable.
The essays make clear that Nemerov cared deeply about language and doubted that poetry (or literature in general) was about much more than that. Language and thought. In one adventurous essay, “Bottom’s Dream,” Nemerov makes a case for the likeness of poems and jokes. I immediately thought of Shakespeare’s sonnets, in which so much depends on the final couplet—-the punchline, so to speak.
It was striking that when I came to the essays, which make up nearly one-third of the bulk of the volume, the voice is immediately identifiable as the wry voice of the story's narrator that immediately preceded them, “Digressions Around a Crow.”
Some of the essays are book reviews. Nemerov’s review of James Dickey’s Drowning with Others is so specifically observed, so personal in response that it reveals by contrast how superficial and formulaic book reviews often are. Another review pairs two books, one the esteemed magnum opus of a famous and prolific critic, Harold Bloom’s Anxiety of Influence, and a lesser-known book, Denis Donoghue’s Thieves of Fire. It’s the latter that Nemerov praises. As for Bloom’s Anxiety, Nemerov confesses, “My trouble with the book may merely have been that it was too difficult for me.” When did you last read that in a book review? But perhaps Nemerov is being coy. As he describes and comments on the book’s content, it becomes clear that the problem might not lie with Nemerov’s skill as a reader.
The novel that concludes this anthology, Federigo, Or, The Power of Love, is what in earlier centuries might have been called a comedy of manners. In fact, I thought it might not be out of place in the Decameron, albeit written and set in the early nineteen fifties. Yet the reminiscence of ancient tales is evoked by the names of characters such as Julian and Marius.
Federigo dragged at times. This may have been because Nemerov works more with interior states (à la Henry James) than with dialog and action. The love of paradox I enjoyed in his essays worked less for me in the novel. Late in the book, Federico quotes lines from Tennyson, then comments: “practically metaphysical, isn’t it, with all that back and forth in the words; confusing.” This could be taken as a wry self-criticism by the author.
… (mere)
HenrySt123 | Mar 14, 2023 |
Howard Nemerov was the guest of honor at a small dinner party that my wife and I were invited to by my good friend, physicist John Rigden. Howard was absolutely brilliant, in a way that reminded me of great scientists I have met. I was exhausted by the end of the dinner. This book has some of my favorite poetry, that always reminds me of that marvelous dinner.
hcubic | 2 andre anmeldelser | Jun 29, 2020 |


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