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Includes the name: Caleb Azumah Nelson

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Open Water (2021) 484 eksemplarer
Small Worlds (2023) 85 eksemplarer
Petits mons 1 eksemplar
Isaac Julien 1 eksemplar
Den Sommer im Ohr 1 eksemplar

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Azumah Nelson, Caleb
Juridisk navn
Azumah Nelson, Caleb
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London, England, UK
Seren Adams



Set over the course of three summers, Small Worlds follows Stephen, a first-generation Londoner born to Ghanian immigrant parents, brother to Ray, and best friend to Adeline. On the cusp of big life changes, Stephen feels pressured to follow a certain path—a university degree, a move out of home—but when he decides instead to follow his first love, music, his world and family fractures in ways he didn’t foresee. Now Stephen must find a path and peace for himself: a space he can feel beautiful, a space he can feel free.

Moving from London, England to Accra, Ghana and back again, Small Worlds is an exquisite and intimate new novel about the people and places we hold close, from one of the most “elegant, poetic” (CNN) and important voices of a generation.

Think this might just be about my favorite book I've read in 2023, such a vibrant book, beautifully written, full of energy. A deeply moving tale of love, family, and coming of age
… (mere)
Quizlitbooks | 3 andre anmeldelser | Apr 20, 2024 |
I haven't yet read the author's first novel, Open Water, but I will be doing so now. This book, set in Peckham, still a deprived London neighbourhood rather than the somewhat hip area it has become, focuses on Stephen, the narrator, and his wider family, immigrants from Ghana. We follow him through three years of his life as he matures from schoolboy to young adult, and his own visit to Ghana. Key to his development is his - and everyone he counts as family or friend - involvement in music - listening to it, playing it, dancing. Music speaks the words he doesn't always have the vocabulary for. Important too is his relationship with his mother and elder brother, to whom he is close, and his more complicated one with his father. And there's Del, his closest friend, then his girlfriend. Stephen observes the distance and difference his community still has from their white neighbours, and catalogues moments of tension. This tension also emerges intergenerationally, as parents view the sacrifices they made as being rejected by their young. There's a lot going on in this book, and expressed by a narrator still young enough to be consumed by his various passions. The prose is poetic, and confidently so. An immersive and satisfying read.… (mere)
Margaret09 | 3 andre anmeldelser | Apr 15, 2024 |
I think the absolute biggest issue I had here is the 2nd person narration. It rubbed my brain the wrong way - instead of reading a story about a person, my brain interjected, even for a split second, at every "you", saying "I'm not that". The worst is at the moments where it's close enough to a situation you might face that you feel annoyed at the suggestion. No, "I" would not take an Uber in London along a route that has a perfect good train. Be serious!

Is that stupid? Yeah. But I think it stopped me from appreciating the story as a story. It was a really surprising amount of friction that made me read the main character in a less charitable way. Which I feel really bad about. I think again this is unfair of me but... Yeah.

I guess I felt too like the main story of the romance just didn't work very well - or at least felt not very romantic. The ending really solidified this for me and I found it very frustrating you leave her in silence for A YEAR and then just expect her to be ready to talk whenever you turn up, ready to run back to your arms? And it works??? It just feels... Ugh. I don't think they were even together a year. I was just never sold that he cares about her, that he knows about her, that he wants to make a life with her. There's no consideration even to the end of how she feels about things. The narrative only barely considers it.

And it's complicated cause so much of the book is about the experience of being a Black man living in London today! And I feel unequipped to judge it cause of that. So take my rating and my feelings as me being ignorant and responding only on a mundane, shallow, "enjoyment" level
… (mere)
tombomp | 11 andre anmeldelser | Oct 31, 2023 |
It is like a poem for the complexity of love, attraction and person hood. It destroyed me in the best possible way.
CricklewoodLibrary | 11 andre anmeldelser | Oct 28, 2023 |



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