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J. A. Motyer (1924–2016)

Forfatter af The Prophecy of Isaiah: An Introduction & Commentary

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J. Alec Motyer was a renowned Old Testament pastor and scholar. With extensive experience in parish ministry, he was also principal of Trinity College in Bristol, England, and was well known as a Bible expositor. His books include The Prophecy of Isaiah, and he was the Old Testament editor of The vis mere Bible Speaks Today series. vis mindre

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Roots: Let the Old Testament Speak (2014) 81 eksemplarer
Journey: Psalms for Pilgrim People (2009) 58 eksemplarer
After Death (1965) 46 eksemplarer
Discovering the Old Testament (2006) 29 eksemplarer
Deuteronomy: At Journeys End (2016) 11 eksemplarer
Revelation of the Divine Name (1959) 10 eksemplarer
The Lord is King: Keswick 1979 (1979) 5 eksemplarer
Christian Foundations, Volume Two (1965) 4 eksemplarer
TheMessageofPhilippians: (2020) 4 eksemplarer
Comentario al AT: Isaías (2009) 4 eksemplarer
Introducing the Old Testament (1961) 3 eksemplarer
Comentario al AT: Exodo (2012) 2 eksemplarer
O dia do leão (1984) 2 eksemplarer
Tests of Faith (1970) 2 eksemplarer
Richness of Christ 1 eksemplar
Isaiah 1 eksemplar
A mensagem de Rute 1 eksemplar
¡Sencillamente predica! (2020) 1 eksemplar

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The New Bible Commentary (1953) — Redaktør, nogle udgaver1,947 eksemplarer

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É de surpreender que, nos dias atuais, comentários exegéticos evangélicos tenham sido raros. Agora, depois de mais de trinta anos de estudos e ensinos sobre Isaías, Alec Motyer apresenta uma riqueza de comentários e perspectivas sobre este livro. Embora sua ênfase seja sobre a dimensão gramatical, histórica, estrutural, literária e teológica do texto, Motyer escreve tendo em vista o significado de Isaías para os cristãos de hoje. Com base no conhecimento do autor do texto hebraico, utilizando a NVI, o comentário acomoda facilmente leitores sem qualquer proficiência da língua original.… (mere)
Jonatas.Bakas | 2 andre anmeldelser | Dec 1, 2022 |
Surprisingly, in recent years evangelical exegetical commentaries on Isaiah have been few and far between. Now after over three decades of studying and teaching Isaiah, Alec Motyer presents a wealth of comment and perspective on this book. Although his emphasis is on the grammatical, historical, structural, literary and theological dimensions of the text, Motyer writes with an eye on its meaning for Christians today. Based on the author's knowledge of the Hebrew text, but utilizing the New International Version, the commentary easily accommodates readers without a working knowledge of biblical Hebrew.
Preachers, teachers and serious Bible students of all types will find this commentary a wise, winsome and welcome guide to the prophecy of Isaiah. It may easily be the best one-volume evangelical commentary on Isaiah available today.
… (mere)
Jonatas.Bakas | Apr 23, 2021 |
Hany.Abdelmalek | 1 anden anmeldelse | Sep 16, 2020 |
This is a really good, easy-to-read, short introduction to the Old Testament. It develops the themes and structure of the OT in the context of the whole Bible. By connecting summary statements about each book with the overall message of the Old Testament, readers are much less likely to get bogged down as they read the individual books. For this reason, I've found The Story of the Old Testament to be very helpful for new believers who have questions about the Old Testament.
jcole208 | Sep 5, 2017 |


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