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MamaBearLendingDen | 12 andre anmeldelser | Dec 24, 2023 |
This book tells you what it was like to live at the time of the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. This book is full of wonderful facts about the Civil War. It is written in a format that was easy to understand and read. Younger children may understand it as well if something is read to them. I really appreciated the way the story is written. One page is written from the South's point of view on how the people felt, how they acted, how they had to respond to the war, etc. . The other page was from the North's point of view. Having written it this way, it is easy for the reader to fully understand how it affected everyone. Even as an adult reading this this book helped clear up a few things I have been having trouble remembering when I study about the Civil War.… (mere)
krchavis | 5 andre anmeldelser | Jul 25, 2017 |
The Great Bicycle Experiment by Kay Moore was a great history of the Buffalo Soldiers testing bikes for the U.S. army in the late 1800's-early 1900's. They traveled 1900 miles across the country on bicycles. This book highlighted their hardships as well a their triumphs.
Tess_W | Mar 25, 2017 |
The American Revolution began in 1775 when the 13 American colonies (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia) fought for freedom from the British Empire. The ruler, King George III, of England, had people in the colonies that were loyal to him. They were called loyalists. The people in the colonies that did not want to be ruled under England were called patriots.
Some Native American tribes fought in the war, becoming loyalists to King George. Slaves were also in the war and were promised their freedom in exchange. Boys along with their older brothers and fathers went to war together. Girls helped with the war too, as they cleaned uniforms and fed the men. War was expensive and not a lot of people could afford food. There was little to no schools or collages open. Boys jobs were to deliver letters on horseback, and cook for the solders. The most dangerous job boys had was to play music during battles. There were a lot of newspapers to inform people about what’s going on in the war. There were also a lot of amazing inventions during the war, such as electricity and submarines.
Some famous patriots included George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Paul Revere. George Washington later became America’s 1st president. There were important inventions during the war too, including electricity and submarines. The war ultimately ended in 1781, after 6 long years of fighting. The British army gave up to the American forces at Yorktown, Virginia. The general, Charles Cornwallis said he was too sick to personally surrender to George Washington, so another British general, Charles O’Hara went in his place. To celebrate, canons were fired and lights were left on and candles were lit.
… (mere)
MykaelK.B1 | 12 andre anmeldelser | Oct 27, 2016 |


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