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Includes the name: Elizabeth Rider Montgomery


Værker af Elizabeth Rider Montgomery

Lewis and Clark: World Explorers (1966) 59 eksemplarer
A World Explorer: Hernando de Soto (1964) 58 eksemplarer
Chief Seattle: Great Statesman (1966) 43 eksemplarer
Good Times with Our Friends (1941) 34 eksemplarer
Happy Days with Our Friends (1948) 29 eksemplarer
Duke Ellington: King of Jazz (1972) 28 eksemplarer
Old Ben Franklin's Philadelphia (1967) 22 eksemplarer
We Look and See (1946) 21 eksemplarer
Will Rogers: Cowboy Philosopher (1970) 19 eksemplarer
When a Ton of Gold Reached Seattle (1968) 17 eksemplarer
We Come and Go (1940) 17 eksemplarer
We Work and Play (1937) 16 eksemplarer
Henry Ford: Automotive Pioneer (1969) 16 eksemplarer
The Girl Next Door (1946) 15 eksemplarer
Five in the Family (1948) 14 eksemplarer
The Story Behind Great Books (1946) 13 eksemplarer
Three Friends (1948) 11 eksemplarer
Gandhi: Peaceful Fighter (1970) 11 eksemplarer
The Story Behind Great Inventions (1944) 10 eksemplarer
Trouble Is His Name (1976) 9 eksemplarer
The Story Behind Modern Books (1949) 8 eksemplarer
The Story Behind Great Stories (1947) 7 eksemplarer
Seven or So (1944) 6 eksemplarer
The Mystery of Edison Brown (1967) 5 eksemplarer
The Story Behind Popular Songs (1958) 5 eksemplarer
You (1948) 4 eksemplarer
Two Kinds of Courage 2 eksemplarer
Sally Does It (1940) 2 eksemplarer
Three Miles an Hour 1 eksemplar
Susan and the Storm 1 eksemplar

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My rating is based not on the merit of the work itself but the richness of the conversation surrounding it when I introduced it to my college students in preparation to discuss Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye.
BeauxArts79 | 4 andre anmeldelser | Jun 2, 2020 |
Well now I know what all the fuss is about. Yes, the family is awfully WASP, and, yes, good readers will want to rip through this in about 2 days and move along ahead of the class. But it sure does beat the little morals on the slates that children like Laura Ingalls had to struggle through. Still, I don't see the value for today's children - only for scholars.
Cheryl_in_CC_NV | 4 andre anmeldelser | Jun 6, 2016 |
30 months - Dick and Jane was the first book I could read by myself. My grandmother was a school teacher and she had a first edition of the book that she gave me. It was very exciting to be able to read something without help! I remember we loaned the book to my friend Cory and never saw it again. I always wished I had that book. Anyway, I came across this treasury at the thrift store and just had to buy it for O for when she begins to read on her own.
1 stem
maddiemoof | 4 andre anmeldelser | Oct 20, 2015 |



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