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Promises and Pomegranates (2021) 803 eksemplarer, 9 anmeldelser
Vipers and Virtuosos (2021) 317 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Oaths and Omissions (2022) 239 eksemplarer
Sweet Sin (Monsters & Muses) (2022) 80 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Sweet Surrender (2020) 36 eksemplarer, 1 anmeldelse
Sweet Solitude (2020) 32 eksemplarer
Sweet Sacrifice (2021) 28 eksemplarer

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It was okay? It was hard to get into but it was a quick easy read. Felt like I skipped a book when I first went into it. Finished in a couple of hours.
Punka71 | 8 andre anmeldelser | Nov 2, 2023 |
Omg in the very first chapter he is talking about Elena and how he left a poem for her and his usual gooey can’t help himself around her way. The next paragraph he is talking about a picture of a dark haired girl that he doesn’t name and I assume is also Elena. Then next paragraph he says this plan is his only shot at his long lost sister. And so for like a 100 pages I thought Elena was his sister and BOY IS THAT AWKWARD with all the finger fun. But I think that’s why he is is hesitant to uh, seal the deal. And so any minute I’m expecting him to tell her they are related and she is his long lost sister when the actual sister shows up and I laugh so hard I realize I cannot finish this book.… (mere)
Deni_Weeks | 8 andre anmeldelser | Sep 16, 2023 |
I give it a three-star rating because the author said the 'framework' around her story is based on Hades and Persephone. . . For me, this was not the case. Even though they call each other 'Hades' and 'Persephone' in some chapters in the story doesn't make the framework of their myth. For me, this was more a mafia Beauty and the Beast retelling. It is okay enough to read the rest of the series.
Aya666 | 8 andre anmeldelser | Aug 3, 2023 |
I went into this expecting an incredibly spicy dark romance, and while there was some of it there, honestly, it was my least favorite part of the book (this is coming from someone who DOES like this genre). I liked the plot line and character development, and think the story would be much better if it had more of those aspects in it. Had this book done away with the spicy scenes and been advertised as a different genre, it could've been really good, it just didn't live up to what I had been expecting.… (mere)
Griffin_Reads | 8 andre anmeldelser | Jun 29, 2023 |

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