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Stephanie H. Meyer

Forfatter af Chicken Soup for the Teen Soul

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Stephanie H. Meyer is a founder of The Young Authors Foundation. She holds masters degrees in education and social work. She resides in Massachusetts with her husband.

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(eng) Stephanie Meyer (note the "A" in the first name) who edited the Teen Ink series is NOT the same as Stephenie Meyer (note the lack of "A"s in the name) who wrote the Twilight series - and whose story "Hell on Earth" appeared in Prom Nights from Hell.


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Meyer, Stephanie H.
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Stephanie Meyer (note the "A" in the first name) who edited the Teen Ink series is NOT the same as Stephenie Meyer (note the lack of "A"s in the name) who wrote the Twilight series - and whose story "Hell on Earth" appeared in Prom Nights from Hell.



Pages: 220

Genre: poetry

"Leave this song behind" features the best poetry from many teen writers that has contributed to Teen Ink. The topics and styles varies widely, and all the poems are divided into seven sections based on techniques and theme. In this collection is all from simple, thought-provoking poems to longer ones that paint vivid images with their carefully selected words.

My thoughts
Rating out of five:

I think there's something a lot of "adult" poets can learn from these teenagers in that not every poem in a collection needs to be about the same thing described over and over. This collection had a lot of variation, surely because the poets behind it are so different personalities and it was nice to read through the different styles and themes. It also seemed to have made the collection especially difficult to fit together, as the subject of a poem can range from death and hospital visits to more light-hearted humor in a few pages.

It wasn't always obvious that the writers were teenagers in the writing itself, most of them did a much better job than I could've and my (untrained) eyes see a lot of talent in here. But inexperience was more obvious in the subjects that were written about and, even though I'm sure I'm the same age as a lot of them, that decreased my interest some while reading.

There were some poems in here that almost made me tear up, or that communicated something to me, among a lot that didn't. All in all, this seem like a fantastic project and I'm glad it exists to encourage young poets and creativity!
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aquapages | 2 andre anmeldelser | Jul 8, 2020 |
Teens address their experiences as targets, as bullies and as bystanders through first-hand essays, poetry and images. It makes an important contribution to a crucial dialogue about bullying, by sharing the perspectives of people for whom bullying is fresh and immediate.
Cynthia_Parkhill | 2 andre anmeldelser | Nov 24, 2018 |
First of all, thanks to NetGalley and TeenInk for giving me a chance to read and review this book!

Leave This Song Behind is a collection of absolutely beautiful and meaningful poems!

The fact that all of the poems are written by teenagers only adds to its charms.

I enjoyed all of the poems. They were deep, meaningful and absolutely beautiful.

Though I did enjoy them all, some of them became my favorites. 'Year Of The Dragon by Miriam Himelstein', 'A Letter to the Past, Present and Future Selves by Sofia Wesley', were some of my favorites while 'The Sistine Closet by Hannah Livernois' was my absolute favorite!

Though at times I spotted some punctuation mistakes and the page formatting was a bit confusing, the poems were absolutely beautiful and I loved them all!
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Swibells | 2 andre anmeldelser | Nov 28, 2017 |
“You aren't just runny punctuation. You are the story.”

Leyendo esto me di cuenta de dos cosas:

1.- Los adolescentes pueden ser los peores poetas del mundo. Mucho egocentrismo y poco estilo literario propio.

2.- Los adolescentes pueden ser los mejores poetas del mundo. Sienten todo tan apasionadamente. (Y ¿qué es la poesía si no una muestra de pasión?)

No importa si el poema trata acerca del amor, de la muerte o de un lavamanos que gotea; puedes sentir la emoción tras las palabras, la sinceridad del sentimiento.

Una antología bien pensada y que mejora a medida que avanza. Inclusive los poemas malos (que son unos cuantos) tienen un encanto especial por esa patente ingenuidad juvenil de que basta con escribir exactamente lo que sientes y dividirlo en versos para tener un poema.

Una colección que me deja gratamente sorprendida, con un nuevo poema para la lista de favoritos (“The Sistine Closet” es una maravilla) y con la certeza de que sí hay jóvenes con talento allí fuera.

Nuestro futuro literario no está solo en mano de booktubers y es un alivio.
… (mere)
Glire | 2 andre anmeldelser | Jun 22, 2016 |

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