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Eve Merriam (July 19, 1916 - April 11, 1992) was an American poet and writer. Her first book was entitled, Family Circle. She was born as Eva Moskovitz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After graduating with an A.B. from the Cornell University in 1937, Merriam moved to New York to pursue graduate vis mere studies at Columbia University. Her book, The Inner City Mother Goose, was described as one of the most banned books of the time. It inspired a 1971 Broadway musical called Inner City and a 1982 musical production called Street Dreams. Merriam won an Obie Award from the Village Voice in 1976 for her play, The Club. In 1981 she won the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children. Merriam died on April 11, 1992, in Manhattan, NY from liver cancer. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

Omfatter også følgende navne: E Merrian, Eve Meriam, Eve Merriam, Dana Michel

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Juridisk navn
Eva Moskovitz
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Manhattan, New York, USA
New York, New York, USA
Cornell University
University of Pennsylvania
children's book author
Lewin, Leonard C. (husband|divorced)
Lerner, Gerda (co-writer)
Salt, Waldo (husband)
Salt, Jennifer (stepdaughter)
City College of New York
Priser og hædersbevisninger
Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children - NCTE (1981)
Obie Award (Playwriting, 1977)
Kort biografi
Eva Moskowitz was born to Russian Jewish immigrants in Philadelphia who ran a small chain of women's dress shops. As a child, she began writing poems and was deeply impressed by the Gilbert & Sullivan musicals her parents took her and her siblings to see. She contributed poems to her high school magazine and weekly newspaper. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1937, she moved to New York City for graduate study at Columbia University but then went to work writing for radio. She chose the pen name Merriam from the famous dictionary. She became fashion copy editor for Glamour magazine and a freelance writer. Her first collection of adult poetry, Family Circle (1946) won the Yale Younger Poets Prize. In addition to her adult poetry, she also wrote picture books and many poetry books for children. In 1951, she and historian Gerda Lerner wrote a musical revue, "Singing of Women." Eve Merriam's controversial book Inner City Mother Goose (1969) inspired two musicals. She published more than 40 books in her career and articles on a wide variety of subjects in publications such The New York Times, Newsweek, and The New Republic. She married four times and had two sons and a stepdaughter.



Twenty-six spooky poems from author Eve Merriam, one for each letter of the alphabet, are paired with intensely creepy illustrations from artist Lane Smith in this marvelous Halloween picture book. From Apple—"Apple, / sweet apple, / what do you hide? / Wormy and / squirmy, / rotten inside"—to Zero—"Round blank / Round blank / Only bubbles / mark where it sank"—the poems here are dark, capturing the more disturbing, frightening aspect of the holiday. The accompanying artwork, done in oil paint, is perfectly suited to the text, and is likewise terrifying...

Originally published in 1987 as Halloween ABC, and then reprinted in a slightly revised format in 2002 as Spooky ABC—the text of the two titles is identical, with an afterword being added to the revised edition, as well as a somewhat different visual presentation of the artwork, now on colorful rather than cream backgrounds—this picture book is definitely on the scarier end, when it comes to seasonal fare for Halloween. According to the afterward in Spooky ABC (although it was Halloween ABC I checked out of my local library, I ended up reading both editions, accessing Spooky ABC via the Internet Archive), Lane Smith's artwork here came first, and was paired with Eve Merriam's poems after the fact, necessitating the changing of some of the paintings. As the afterword contained some of the artwork that was rejected from the initial title, I think on the whole I recommend seeking out Spooky ABC, even though I myself started with Halloween ABC. Leaving that aside, this was a very satisfying collection of poems for the season, sure to give readers and listeners a chill. I would recommend it for slightly older audiences, than would normally consume a picture book of this level, given the themes explored. Perhaps six or seven and above? As for me, I am already a Lane Smith admirer, but will definitely try to seek out more poetry from Eve Merriam.
… (mere)
AbigailAdams26 | 17 andre anmeldelser | Oct 24, 2023 |
megysu88 | Jun 28, 2023 |
Can you find one hunter on the horse? One fox on the run? Two laces in the shoe? Three apples on the tree?

And when does the train leave the station?


Young readers, ages two through five, are the targeted audience for this unique counting book. Bold, colorful, child-like illustrations accompany the lilting rhyme; each double-page spread includes a rhythmic couplet ending with the time the train leaves the station. [And note the ever-changing clock face on the front of the engine.]

Following the counting rhymes, a double page of numbers and objects [from the story] provide the young reader with the opportunity to count the items corresponding to each number.

While learning to count, the young reader is sure to enjoy the ride on this delightful train.

Highly recommended.
… (mere)
jfe16 | 1 anden anmeldelse | Oct 22, 2022 |
Mom wrote comments on just about every page. I treasure this book.
bcrowl399 | Sep 19, 2022 |



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