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Sanford Meisner (1905–1997)

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Sanford Meisner on Acting (1987) 379 eksemplarer
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Brooklyn, New York, USA
Sherman Oaks, California, USA
New York, New York, USA
Sherman Oaks, California, USA
Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Damrosch Conservatory of Music
Theatre Guild of Acting
acting teacher
Grant, Lee (student)
Strasberg, Lee (colleague)
Mamet, David (student)
Neighborhood Playhouse, New York
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Sanford Meisner was born in Brooklyn, New York, the eldest of four children of immigrant Jewish parents from Hungary. He graduated from Erasmus Hall High School and studied at the Damrosch Conservatory of Music (now the Juilliard School), originally intending to become a concert pianist. However, at age 19, he decided to become a professional actor, having performed at the Chrystie Street Settlement House on the Lower East Side under the direction of Lee Strasberg. He won a scholarship to study at the Theatre Guild of Acting, where he again encountered Strasberg. In 1931, Meisner helped found The Group Theatre along with Strasberg, Stella Adler, and Harold Clurman, among others. He became head of the acting program at The Neighborhood Playhouse, where he developed his own form of method acting derived from the system developed by Konstantin Stanislavski, his training with Strasberg, and Adler's ideas on uses of the imagination; he became one of America's most influential acting teachers. He continued to act and direct plays produced by The Group Theatre until it disbanded in 1941, and then acted in and directed more plays on Broadway. From 1959 to 1964, he directed a new-talent division at 20th Century-Fox Studios in Hollywood and headed the drama department at the American Musical Theater Academy in New York. Beginning in 1983, Meisner began splitting his time between the Neighborhood Playhouse and the Meisner/Carville School of Acting, founded with his partner James Carville. In 1995 The Meisner/Carville School of Acting was succeeded by the Sanford Meisner Center for the Arts, a theater company and school in North Hollywood.



Great book for beginning and seasoned actors who have never heard of Meisner's technique. There is a strange structure of loyalty among New York actors in regards to which technique they choose. Everyone's got their own favorite but when I was studying acting, Meisner got the most out of me and I got the most out of it. Helps to know a little bit about the development of craft started by Stanislovsky.
JosephJ | 3 andre anmeldelser | May 11, 2010 |
This book was the recommended textbook for an introductory acting class that I took at the Cambridge (MA) Center for Adult Education (taught by Stan Edelson). I enjoyed the book and found it very useful because it is not a prescriptive "this is how to act" book, but rather explores a more natural approach to acting that is grounded in fundamentals of psychology. In this way, the book is useful for exploring the nature of emotion and temperament, and learning how to channel your own emotional experience into building human relationships, both on and off the stage.… (mere)
lincics | 3 andre anmeldelser | Mar 9, 2010 |
On Acting is a great resource for students who have already trained using Meisner's technique. It journals a group of students through the two year course, illustrating the techniques and exercises of the program through the student's examples. I wouldn't recommend it as a substitute for the training itself, but I think it works as both a good refresher and a coursebook to help make sense of some of the technique.
391 | 3 andre anmeldelser | Dec 23, 2008 |
"Meisner, a member of the Theater Guild and the Group Theater, has devoted most of 50 years to teaching acting and is one of the great unsung resources in American theater. This book is not an acting text, but a journal of a 15-month course taken by 16 adult actors. We follow them as they progress from early exercises through preparation to detailed scene work. Meisner emphasizes emotional truth and acting as the reality of doing. His students find the course difficult, but most improve markedly. Not all survive. Though Meisner is not well, he is a superb teacher and his enthusiasm is undiminished. This is required reading for all actors and those interested in acting." Thomas E. Luddy, English Dept., Salem State Coll., Mass.
Copyright 1987 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Anya, "As far as Meisner's theory and technique goes - as an aspiring actress, I think it really hits home. The basis of his theory is that you should focus on what your fellow actor in the scene is doing, and react truthfully and spontaneously based on what you sense - as opposed to being in your head and trying to force emotions inside yourself as you're playing the scene. Meisner aims to get you out of your head, and into what's happening around you moment by moment. It's the most accurate, practical, and learnable theory on acting I have ever come across. As you learn it, you get that eerie feeling that you've hit upon the truth."
… (mere)
mmckay | 3 andre anmeldelser | Apr 27, 2006 |


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