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I decided to do a reread of this as I’ve been consistently using YNAB for almost twenty months and am proud of how I’ve been able to save. I’ve been listening to the Budget Nerds guys from YNAB so thought I’d return to the source of the rules here, and I realized I like those guys more than the author/founder. Most of it likely has to do with the fact that he has six kids and lives in Utah, so I’m getting yucky Mormon* vibes which turn me off (a lot of the people interviewed have lots of kids too), but then he also seems very dude-bro which annoys me as well.

But the book really is a good primer for how YNAB works since it’s unlike other budgeting apps I’d seen before; it’s basically the envelope system in digital form, but I do love how much more in control I feel over my money and the decisions I make regarding spending.

*Note that I don’t actually know if he’s Mormon, but even if not I apparently have issues with people who seem to want to overpopulate the world all by themselves.
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spinsterrevival | 6 andre anmeldelser | May 15, 2023 |
Simple and easy follow rules to start and stick to a budget. I love how the plan is really not a plan, just guidelines to help you make decisions so you can track your money, be flexible, and know what your priorities truly are.
Crystal199 | 6 andre anmeldelser | Aug 3, 2022 |
The system seems solid, and certainly the software and app are helping me visualize and control my budget a lot better than I ever could in my homemade Excel files. The book, though, is pretty meh. There's not a lot of new information that can't be gleaned from the app itself in terms of how to use the YNAB system. And like the "regular people" examples in every other budget book out there, most of Mecham's "regular people" are earning a hell of a lot more than me, which makes the book a little discouraging and thus counterproductive.

If you need or want a pep talk, the book is perfect. If you want to learn how to actually use the YNAB system, sign up for the free trial and read all the documentation.

And like most books of this type, don't expect any acknowledgement of, let alone advice for, people in genuine poverty. If you're earning less than a living wage, whatever that means in your region of the country, YNAB has no advice for you, except maybe to earn more money.
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IVLeafClover | 6 andre anmeldelser | Jun 21, 2022 |
No frills, no surprises, just helpful advice that almost everyone can relate to. Worth reading if you're trying to figure out your finances.
OutOfTheBestBooks | 6 andre anmeldelser | Sep 24, 2021 |

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