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Six stars! There is nothing about this book I don't like. I LOVE the creativity and imagination and play, the best things for kids! I'm so glad Lucy is Charley's friend and they can share imaginative adventures. And dollhouses! Great message about not only free play but also reusing recycling and "found" items in new ways. Two thumbs up! I need to get this for my creative grand. She needs a "Someday Maybe" box!
AngieQ | Jul 16, 2024 |
A supposed romantic suspense but a little convoluted. Abby likes bad boys but always has bad luck with them. Duh! She has a list of requirements which is shallow and stupid. Zan is a hunk with bad boy written all over him. They both have murky pasts and throw in a psycho thief and murderer and dominant sex and there's your book. My first book by this author and not really interested in anything else she may have written.
LaneyLegz | 5 andre anmeldelser | Jul 29, 2023 |
Fatal Strike
3 Stars

This installment in McKenna's series continues the story arc from the previous book with Miles Davenport recovering from the psychic attack that left him in a coma. He experiences recurring dreams of Lara Kirk, and realizes that she is still alive and being held captive. Soon Miles and Lara find themselves on the run from psi-operatives with a diabolical agenda.

On the surface, Fatal Strike has a winning formula - a gorgeous tortured hero, an independent and courageous heroine, an ego-maniacal villain bent on world domination, oodles of action and lots of sexy times. Unfortunately, something is missing.

Miles and Lara are appealing enough as individuals, but their chemistry is severely lacking. Perhaps it is Miles previous infatuation with the vacuous Cindy, or maybe it is the obsessive nature of Miles and Lara's attraction. Either way, it doesn't work and their romance feels forced rather than natural.

The psi-plot, which has been the focus of the last couple of books has become tedious and annoying, and the cameo appearances by the McClouds and their friends are underdeveloped and feel more like filler than anything else.

The writing is also overly descriptive and repetitious, especially Miles and Lara's internal musings. The book could have been 50 pages shorter and been more satisfying.

Overall, a disappointing read, but I am interested enough in Sam and Sveti to read the final book in the series.
… (mere)
Lauren2013 | 5 andre anmeldelser | May 5, 2023 |
In for the Kill
4 Stars

Series note This is the 11th and final installment. The book focuses on Sveti Adrova and Sam Petrie, whose romance has been brewing for a while. Much of their backstory is outlined in previous books, and as such, it is recommended that the series be read in order.

McKenna's series ends on a high note with Sveti and Sam's story. Both the plot and the romance are reminiscent of the early books in the series before they became bogged down with strange psychic abilities, implausible situations, and convoluted storylines.

Sveti and Sam have incredible chemistry and their sparks fly with every interaction whether physical or verbal. On the surface, Sam is laid back and amenable, but when it comes to Sveti all bets are off. Sveti is strong and resilient (not surprising given her past), but she holds back a piece of herself out of fear of losing the man she loves. This leads to some annoying and TSTL moments on her part and there are times when her attitude toward Sam is harsh and cruel. Thankfully she comes to her senses.

The plot is fairly straightforward as clues regarding the death of Sveti's mother emerge, and she becomes the target of some truly evil villains. There are some excellent actions scenes and an exciting climax and resolution.

Overall, McClouds and Friends ends with a bang, and I look forward to reading McKenna's next series.

… (mere)
Lauren2013 | 4 andre anmeldelser | May 5, 2023 |


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