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William McGonagall (1825–1902)

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I have only dipped into this book, having sampled "An Ode to the Queen on Her Jubilee Year", and the companion pieces "The Tay Bridge Disaster" and "An Address to the New Tay Bridge", but I can already tell this is the finest book ever written.

I can only marvel at a mind that produced such consistent work over such a period.
UrbanVariable | 3 andre anmeldelser | Sep 1, 2017 |
'Tis on the Fifth of September Twenty - fifteen
That I set out my review of what is 'tween
The pages of this literary tome
That best stay shut if you'd be offended
By curious rhymes a poet leaves unblended
But I have in my home

This book is simply superb if you're not looking for serious poetry but can take it as something to have a laugh about even though the man was deadly serious and would likely be offended that his work is seen that way.

If you have no issue with that, try our party game. The winner is the person who, having opened the book at random, can read aloud for longest without bursting out laughing. Rounds don't take long I can promise you!

And I say that without dismay...
… (mere)
expatscot | 3 andre anmeldelser | Sep 5, 2015 |
McGonagall is frequently referred to as the worst poet in the English language (using the term "in the English language" loosely), and though there is some competition, he has a good claim to the title. The rhymes, the scansion, the pretensions of the poet, often even the subject matter are in the "so bad it's hilarious" category. If you enjoy bad art, you will love this book. The volume comprises all three of McGonagall's collections, including the autobiographical material they contained, as well as a recently discovered play which rises to the author's usual standard. Truly a thing of beauty.… (mere)
jmeisen | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jul 4, 2008 |
This is of the "A cow it is a forlorn thing/A sheep it is forlorner/It stands there in the pouring rain/A leg at every corner" school of poetry. It's so awful that it's quite wonderful.
tiffin | 3 andre anmeldelser | Mar 3, 2007 |

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