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WebMage (2006) 609 eksemplarer
Cybermancy (2007) 349 eksemplarer
Codespell (2008) 289 eksemplarer
Broken Blade (2011) 279 eksemplarer
MythOS (2009) 228 eksemplarer
Spellcrash (Ravirn, Book 5) (2010) 167 eksemplarer
Bared Blade (2012) 145 eksemplarer
Crossed Blades (2012) 126 eksemplarer
Blade Reforged (2013) 118 eksemplarer
School for Sidekicks (2015) 89 eksemplarer
Magic, Madness, and Mischief (2018) 19 eksemplarer

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McCullough, Kelly David
North Dakota, USA
Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA
Laura (wife)



BROKEN BLADE, the first in McCullough's new fantasy series "Fallen Blade", seemed to me the perfect answer to my assassin/thief/fantasy blues. I haven't really found anything to replace Brent Week's "Night Angel" trilogy yet, and this sounded perfect. Fallen Goddess, assassin on the run, complex fantasy society--seemed to fit the bill.

In some ways it was diverting and intriguing, but the problem was more in the execution. McCullough relies a bit too much on coincidence and unspoken rules. He doesn't ever spell out Triss' powers so each time Aral ran into some sort of problem he couldn't talk, kill or escape his way out of, Triss had the answer. She had a near unlimited bag of tricks it seemed and that ruined the suspense for me.

The world McCullough sets up was certainly the highlight of the book for me. I enjoy fantasy world politics and dark humor, both of which are in abundance here. The world is populated by the ruthless, god and mortal alike, who manipulate and scheme to oust one and other. Aral, by his current and former occupations, finds himself stuck in the middle of these machinations more often than not, which leads to some hairy situations.

This is in many ways set up like a mystery, the fantasy elements incidental and sometimes a distraction from the plot. You have beautiful woman, shady deal, murder and deceit--I kind of expected Sam Spade to jump out or Matlock to ring a peal over the culprits' heads. McCullough tried to combine too many genres at once, not really meshing them together in a coherent fashion hat didn't have one trying to dominate.

As I said though this was diverting and did keep me interested throughout. I didn't feel a pressing need to finish it right away, nor did I miss any sleep over it, but it kept me entertained consistently.

Review was originally posted at Night Owl Reviews
… (mere)
lexilewords | 5 andre anmeldelser | Dec 28, 2023 |
A broken man, a broken blade, and a tale of heart break and growth. Absolutely amazing writing.
HotPinkMess | 5 andre anmeldelser | Jul 31, 2022 |
This review published by The Children's Book and Media Review

Evan Quick loves superheroes more than almost anyone else, and he would do anything to be one. He has no flying, super strength, or any of the other superhero skills that he wants desperately to have. When he somehow manages to survive a supervillain’s death ray and save his favorite super hero, he is sent to the Academy of Metahuman Operatives. The school is different from what he expects, and his mentor, Foxman, is not thrilled to be a super hero. As he learns about the school, he discovers that there is more to being a hero than he might expect, and even the heroes might not be as heroic as he had always expected.

The book is a wonderful homage to comic books and superheroes. It’s somewhat cheesy, but it’s cheesy in all the right ways for fans of the genre. The characters are so fun, from the old, tired former alcoholic mentor to the teacher and guidance council. Evan is a great character. He’s not the smartest or most skilled, but he works hard and wants to be a good person. People who aren’t fans of superheroes and comic books might not enjoy the book, but people wanting a fun superhero story are likely to enjoy it.
… (mere)
vivirielle | 7 andre anmeldelser | Aug 4, 2021 |
likable characters - minimal personal development - interesting world - may read more by author
jason9292 | 18 andre anmeldelser | Apr 4, 2020 |



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