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The American geneticist Barbara McClintock was trained as a botanist, receiving a Ph.D. in botany from Cornell University (1927). McClintock discovered anomalies in pigmentation and other features of corn (Zea Mays) that led her to question the prevailing model of the chromosome as a linear vis mere arrangement of fixed genes. Her model of the chromosome involved a process of "transposition." In this process, the chromosome released genes and groups of genes from their original positions (this subprocess is named "dislocation") and reinserted them into new positions. Although her original research was published in the 1930's and 1940's, it was not until research in molecular biology confirmed her theories that she received wide professional recognition. McClintock was elected to the National Academy at the age of 42 and was elected president of the Genetics Society of America a year later. She received many honorary degrees and other awards, including the Lasker Award and a Nobel Prize. McClintock died after a brief illness at the Carnegie Institution's Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, where she had lived and worked for 50 years. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Værker af Barbara McClintock

Adèle & Simon (2006) 375 eksemplarer
Cinderella (2005) 226 eksemplarer
Adèle & Simon in America (2008) 194 eksemplarer
Dahlia (2002) 181 eksemplarer
The Fantastic Drawings of Danielle (1800) 100 eksemplarer
Emma and Julia Love Ballet (2016) 83 eksemplarer
Animal Fables from Aesop (2012) 72 eksemplarer
Molly and the Magic Wishbone (2001) 55 eksemplarer
Vroom! (2019) 52 eksemplarer
The Five Forms (2017) 42 eksemplarer
The Battle of Luke and Longnose (1994) 24 eksemplarer
Three Little Kittens (2020) 24 eksemplarer
The Heartaches of a French Cat (1989) 12 eksemplarer

Associated Works

A Child's Garden of Verses (1885) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver8,203 eksemplarer
The Gingerbread Man (1998) — Illustrator — 2,109 eksemplarer
The Peterkin Papers (1880) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver709 eksemplarer
The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus (1955) — Omslagsfotograf/tegner/..., nogle udgaver534 eksemplarer
Goldilocks and the Three Bears (2003) — Illustrator — 357 eksemplarer
Folklore and Fairy Tale Funnies (2000) — Bidragyder — 332 eksemplarer
The Mitten (2009) — Illustrator — 328 eksemplarer
Tales From Shakespeare (2004) — Illustrator — 309 eksemplarer
My Grandfather's Coat (2014) — Illustrator — 285 eksemplarer
When Mindy Saved Hanukkah (1998) — Illustrator — 283 eksemplarer
The Tale Of Tricky Fox (2001) — Illustrator — 236 eksemplarer
Strange Stories for Strange Kids (2001) — Bidragyder — 220 eksemplarer
Twelve Kinds of Ice (2012) — Illustrator — 202 eksemplarer
Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy (1999) — Illustrator — 175 eksemplarer
House of Dolls (2010) — Illustrator — 124 eksemplarer
Mary and the Mouse, The Mouse and Mary (2007) — Illustrator — 96 eksemplarer
Where's Mommy? (2014) — Illustrator — 63 eksemplarer
Waggleby of Fraggle Rock (1985) — Illustrator — 37 eksemplarer
Marooned in Fraggle Rock (1984) — Illustrator — 36 eksemplarer
Cricket Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 9, May 1976 (1976) — Illustrator — 3 eksemplarer

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Clinton, New Jersey, USA
Jamestown, North Dakota, USA
New York, New York, USA
Jamestown College
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children's book author
children's book illustrator
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Writer Barbara McClintock says on her web site: Inspiration for my stories comes from my childhood, family and friends. My photographer father created a life-long love and fascination with cameras and picture making. My son Larson has provided inspiration for many of my books -- "The Battle of Luke and Longnose" came of his childhood interest in swords and swashbuckling. As a young adult, his curious mind has led him to a love of China, Mandarin, and Chinese culture and history, and in turn has inspired me in Adele & Simon's next book, set in 1908 China. And my mother's love-since-childhood of Robert Louis Stevenson's poetry culminated in my illustrating "A Child's Garden of Verses" for her.

In 2005, the illustrator David Johnson and I moved to a Georgian-style brick house built in 1815 in rural Connecticut. My studio looks out over the ever-expanding rose garden cultivated by David. I "travel" in time and imagination, to China, France, and my own back yard for inspiration and settings for my books, but am only a few steps away from the coffee pot in my kitchen.



A precious gem in my collection and I hope Dahlia the book, becomes as bedraggled as Dahlia, the doll.

Review from my 9 year old” I liked it and it’s nice how the doll enjoys it though you think she wouldn’t. I think I would enjoy it too! It was fun!”
I collected dolls as a child and happily handed them over to my children so they could have a second chance to live their best Dolly life, getting dirty and rumpled through their adventures with a child.

5/5 of the Very Best mud pies.… (mere)
FamiliesUnitedLL | 5 andre anmeldelser | Jun 29, 2023 |
A girl and her vivid imagination. Her love of cars that takes her to deserts and to cities, up and down.....
msgabbythelibrarian | 4 andre anmeldelser | Jun 11, 2023 |
A book about two girls in operate worlds who both love the same things. This a great book for any grade from pre-school to 4th and it encourages kids to do what they love and go after their dreams.
Jsmith20 | 5 andre anmeldelser | Mar 2, 2023 |
Note: I received an F&G at an ALA conference.
fernandie | 5 andre anmeldelser | Sep 15, 2022 |



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