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James McBride studied composition at The Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio and received a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. He was a staff writer for The Boston Globe, People Magazine, and The Washington Post. His works include the memoir The Color of Water, the biography vis mere Kill 'Em and Leave, and two novels entitled Miracle at St. Anna and Song Yet Sung. He wrote the screenplay for Miracle at St. Anna when it was made into a movie in 2008. He won the National Book Award for The Good Lord Bird. He is a saxophonist and former sideman for jazz legend Jimmy Scott. He has written songs for Anita Baker, Grover Washington Jr., Gary Burton, and Barney, the PBS television character. He received the Stephen Sondheim Award and the Richard Rodgers Foundation Horizon Award for his musical Bo-Bos co-written with playwright Ed Shockley. In 2005, he published the first volume of a CD-based documentary about life as lived by low-profile jazz musicians entitled The Process. He is currently a Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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The Good Lord Bird (2013) 2,032 eksemplarer
Deacon King Kong (2020) 1,631 eksemplarer
The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store (2023) 1,285 eksemplarer
Miracle at St. Anna (2002) 829 eksemplarer
Song Yet Sung (2008) 752 eksemplarer
Five-Carat Soul (2017) 280 eksemplarer
Family: A Celebration of Humanity (1943) 77 eksemplarer
Miracle at St. Anna [2008 film] (2008) — Screenwriter/Original book — 28 eksemplarer
Goat 2 eksemplarer

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New York, New York, USA
Oberlin College



I listened to the audio book of this book. I loved it.

Jewish immigrants and African-Americans had lived on Chicken Hill for years. Many of the Jewish immigrants were moving off the Hill and into Pottstown but Chonda would not move. It was her home. Her husband asked her several times to move but she refused. Chonda ran the grocery store while her husband ran the theater. Addie worked in the grocery store and her husband worked for Moshe at the theater. They had their nephew Dodo who was deaf due to an explosion of a stove that killed his mother. The state was looking for Dodo to put him in a special home. Nate and Addie asked Chonda if she could hide Dodo. She agrees. Will they be successful in hiding Dodo from the state?

I loved, loved, loved this book! There are so many great characters here. There are also several story lines that intertwine with these characters. Chonda cares about everyone. She loves them and they love her. She is generous and giving. When trouble happens to her, those around her want to protect her. They do it in their own ways. Dodo is a wonderful kid. Like Chondra, everyone watches out for him. My favorite characters were Fatty and Big Soup. They brought the comic relief that was needed from time to time.

While the story is sad, it is full of hope. Chondra and Dodo provide much of the hope. Moshe's cousin from Philadelphia also provides hope. He is more practical than Moshe. I was glad it worked out as it did.

The narrator was fantastic. His phrasing as he read, especially with Fatty and Big Soup, made me laugh out loud. I look forward to more of this narrator.

James McBride is becoming a favorite author of mine.
… (mere)
Sheila1957 | 58 andre anmeldelser | Feb 28, 2024 |
In the first half of the 20th century Pottstown, Pennsylvania was home to a large Jewish community made up of immigrants from all over Europe, many of whom fled due to persecution in their homeland. They lived alongside a Black community who arrived during the Great Migration. Both groups endured – and resisted – bigotry and discrimination by the town’s white leadership.

The eponymous grocery store is at the heart of this community. Located in the Chicken Hill neighborhood, the store is run by Chona, wife of theater owner Moshe Ludlow. Chona and Moshe are Jewish, but freely associate with Black neighbors, provide them with jobs, and book Black entertainers in the theater. Chona is outspoken, and her letters to the newspaper have often angered political and community leaders.

Chona and Moshe get involved in caring for Dodo, a deaf boy whose mother recently died. This sets in motion an elaborate series of interconnected events. Some of these are humorous, but beneath the humor lies racism and oppression. And these beliefs are dangerous, leading to violence which must be avenged. James McBride spins an elaborate tale with a large cast of characters. You might wonder where it’s all going. Just hang on and enjoy the ride: the payoff is worth it.
… (mere)
lauralkeet | 58 andre anmeldelser | Feb 26, 2024 |
A character driven humorous crime novel, there’s nothing wrong with it except that that description does not match the description of novels I’m particularly interested in. The best part for me was when it got something across of 1970 era New York City; other than that we have the characters who are a tad stereotypical but drawn with such great humanity that you don’t really mind - in the Cause Projects you’ve got the elderly drunk, the young hotshot drug dealer, the sturdy church women, and then interacting with them are the honest cop with a good heart who is close to retirement and the Italian gangster who lives with his old mother and is looking to get out.

McBride is obviously skilled at blending humor with his serious situations, but it felt like it went on a bit long to me. But then again, this isn’t the sort of novel I’d generally pick up.
… (mere)
lelandleslie | 91 andre anmeldelser | Feb 24, 2024 |
I think this one deserves a reread from me, just to take it all in.
caedocyon | 114 andre anmeldelser | Feb 23, 2024 |


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