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Silver & Black (2015) 34 eksemplarer
Angel of Darkness (2014) 13 eksemplarer
The Struggle Within (2017) 9 eksemplarer
Mocha's Help (2015) 4 eksemplarer

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Interesting. The author has created a romance with an undertone of menace...although I am 70% into the audiobook and the menace has not really surfaced - it's only hinted at.

I did find this approach involving - enough to pull me through the audiobook, though I don't say it is quite worth 12 hours of listening - not so far anyway.

This is the story of Brian Silver, CEO of a coffee empire, and Greyson Black, a barista in one of his coffee shops. Rich man, poor man. The story is told through Greyson's eyes. He is a 22-year-old who's had a tough life with a deadbeat father, but has emerged a man who has a deep commitment to values that define who he is. Part of this is being a better man than his father.

Brian is rich, rich, rich and is always helping people. He wants to help? pamper? Greyson, who tries to reject this patronage as he fears being controlled. And the reader is left guessing if Brian is all about control, or simply a man who enjoys helping everyone.

(Later) Now that I've finished the book, I'm glad I did - it took some persistence though. The menace, when it was finally revealed, was not scary despite the presence of a disturbed man with a gun.

The thing that stood out for me was the ever presence of gift giving in the novel - Brian was an unstoppable gift giver - gifts he put a LOT of thought and effort into. At times, as the reader, I worried about whether the gift giving was manipulative towards Greyson, or had other agendas, but no, it was Brian's primary love language!
… (mere)
Okies | 3 andre anmeldelser | Dec 8, 2023 |
This was a fun romance that I listened to in order to deal with some finals stress. I don't really read a lot of romance and I listened to this one as an audiobook but still, this was pretty good. The narrator was fine, even if I didn't love all his voices. The story itself was pretty barebones but that's what I expected going in. I do have a bit of a soft spot for romances where one person is very wealthy and the other person is just a normal person (NOT 50 shades of gray though). There was a small stalker storyline in this book which I liked and I wish it played a bigger role because I love a bit of danger and protectiveness in my romances. Overall this book was a fine romance and was what I needed to destress a bit.… (mere)
AKBouterse | 3 andre anmeldelser | Oct 14, 2021 |
So incredibly sweet! I absolutely loved reading about these guys. The book started me off getting teary eyed reading about Nathan and his relationship/life with Mocha. David was such a hottie and sweetheart.

One could say this was too sugary sweet and that they were too perfect together. Personally, I was refreshed by that. There are so many books with angst and sometimes I just want to read a couple get together and fall in love without so many huge stumbling blocks. Sure love isn't perfect, but it can be sweet and wonderful and fast. That's what this book was. I could see myself reading this again when I need a feel good book.… (mere)
ktomp17 | 1 anden anmeldelse | Mar 21, 2021 |
Sweet bippity. I generally try not to judge others' reading choices, but I'm honestly baffled by how people managed to read, much less enjoy, this book. It was filled with typos; grammatical errors; words that do not mean what the author thinks they mean; and characters' names spelled differently, even when they're only two lines apart. If you told me this book had been put through Google translate immediately prior to publication, I wouldn't be surprised.

And while the idea for the plot was solid (who doesn't love the escapism of the Pretty Woman fantasy?), it takes at least working knowledge of sophistication to write a sophisticated character. I have no problem with authors reaching and trying to improve their skills, but I do expect authors to know when they're simply not yet capable of writing what they want to write, and focusing instead on something they are capable of. That may sound harsh, but when I'm purchasing a book it's reasonable to expect, at bare minimum, a readable work. This is not that and this author is getting a hard pass from me in the future.… (mere)
mediumofballpoint | 3 andre anmeldelser | Mar 4, 2019 |



½ 3.7

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