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The name Catherine Maurice is a pseudonym. The author is, in real life, the mother of three children, two of whom were diagnosed as autistic. Her best-known book, "Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph over Autism," was published in 1994. It is an uplifting and hopeful account of how her vis mere family used a behavior modification method to treat their autistic children. The process, devised by O. Ivar Lovaas, a psychologist in California, seeks to disrupt the repetitive patterns of behavior that so many autistic children exhibit. Maurice's book, although positive and uplifting, cautions readers that this type of therapy works with only about 50% of the children who are treated using it. Nevertheless, both of Maurice's children have fully recovered and are now considered "normal." Catherine Maurice is also the editor of a book entitled "Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism: A Manual for Parents and Professionals." (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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She was a beautiful doelike child, with an intense, graceful fragility. In her first year, she picked up words, smiled and laughed, and learned to walk. But then Anne-Marie began to turn inward. And when her little girl lost some of the words she had acquired, cried inconsolably, and showed no interest in anyone around her, Catherine Maurice took her to doctors who gave her a devastating diagnosis: autism.
In their desperate struggle to save their daughter, the Maurices plunged into a medical nightmare of false hopes, "miracle cures," and infuriating suggestions that Anne-Marie's autism was somehow their fault. Finally, Anne-Marie was saved by an intensive behavioral therapy.

Let Me Hear Your Voice is a mother's illuminating account of how one family triumphed over autism. It is an absolutely unforgettable book, as beautifully written as it is informative. Selected Reading Questionnaire.
… (mere)
ACRF | 8 andre anmeldelser | Oct 25, 2022 |
The manual gives the reader concrete information on how to evaluate treatment options and differentiate scientifically validated interventions from fads and miracle cures; assess children's skills, needs, and progress objectively and systematically; teach children a wide variety of important skills, ranging from basics such as listening and looking, to complex language and social skills; and determine who is competent to deliver and supervise behavioral intervention. Selected Reading Questionnaire.… (mere)
ACRF | Oct 25, 2022 |
I work with people with autism, among others. I don't have a child, let alone a child with autism, and while I care deeply for my students/clients and their families, I have no idea what they are going through. I just don't have that kind of life experience. This book gives me a tiny, tiny window into that. For all the tumblrs that want to tell you what the autism experience is like, they can never capture this - the experience of those on the opposite end of the spectrum, the ones that are unable to communicate, unable to care for themselves, possibly even harming themselves. These individuals can't blog about themselves.

This book captures the intense, beautiful devotion of a parent for their child, and details all her efforts to help her child as much as possible. It shows the joys, the achievements, the pain, the stress, the confusion. It also shows the hope. I am already passionate about ABA, but this book intensified that. It also illustrates the danger of fad treatments and pseudosciences that prey on vulnerable people.

Marvelous book.
… (mere)
kaitlynn_g | 8 andre anmeldelser | Dec 13, 2020 |
A mother's story of her two autistic children following them from diagnosis to various types of therapy.
ThePinesLibrary | 8 andre anmeldelser | Feb 26, 2014 |

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