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Caitlin Matthews is a world-celebrated teacher of Western spirituality and author of over thirty books. With her husband and frequent coauthor John Matthews, she founded the Foundation of Inspirational and Oracular Studies, in their native Great Britain. Their books have been translated into many vis mere languages including French, Italian, German, Czech, Dutch, Hebrew, Japanese and Russian. The material in these books is based upon practical knowledge which they teach worldwide. They have made numerous appearances on television in the UK and US, and have been advisors on several series, including HRH Prince Edward's Crown and Country. They live in Oxford where Caitlín has a shamanic practice dedicated to midwifing the soul. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


Værker af Caitlín Matthews

The Elements of The Celtic Tradition (1989) 351 eksemplarer
Ladies of the Lake (1992) 205 eksemplarer
The Barefoot Book of Princesses (1997) 205 eksemplarer
Celtic Myths and Legends (1994) — Forfatter — 177 eksemplarer
The Arthurian Tarot (1911) 106 eksemplarer
The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot (2005) 87 eksemplarer
Trick of the Tale: A Collection of Trickster Tales (2008) — Forfatter — 84 eksemplarer
Fireside Stories (2007) 77 eksemplarer
The Elements of The Goddess (1989) 71 eksemplarer
Tarot Tales (1989) — Redaktør — 61 eksemplarer
The Celtic Wisdom Tarot with Cards (1999) 57 eksemplarer
Celtic Memories (1681) 45 eksemplarer
Celtic Love: Ten Enchanted Stories (2000) 41 eksemplarer
The Little Book of Celtic Wisdom (Little Book) (1993) — Forfatter — 36 eksemplarer
Tales from Celtic Lands HC w 2 CDs (2008) 25 eksemplarer
The Complete King Arthur: Many Faces, One Hero (2017) — Forfatter — 21 eksemplarer
How to Be a Princess (2007) 16 eksemplarer
De mysterieuze wereld der Kelten (1997) 8 eksemplarer
The Arthurian Address Book (1993) 2 eksemplarer
Die Göttin (1992) 2 eksemplarer
Malá kniha keltské nauky (1998) 2 eksemplarer
Winter Solstice 1 eksemplar
Keltische Segenssprüche (1996) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

Sláine: The Horned God (1993) — Introduktion, nogle udgaver111 eksemplarer
At the Table of the Grail: Magic and the Use of the Imagination (1984) — Bidragyder — 107 eksemplarer
The Household of the Grail (1990) — Bidragyder — 47 eksemplarer
Within the Hollow Hills: An Anthology of New Celtic Writing (1994) — Bidragyder — 33 eksemplarer
The Jo Fletcher Books Anthology (2016) — Bidragyder — 10 eksemplarer
Isis: Digest (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions) (2015) — Bidragyder — 5 eksemplarer

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beskamiltar | 3 andre anmeldelser | Apr 10, 2024 |
Not completed because it is a perpetual calendar. Absolutely priceless -- a treasure of wisdom and daily practice that I can't even imagine my life without.
BethOwl | 3 andre anmeldelser | Jan 24, 2024 |
Mid-July update: I am faithfully reading this nearly every day, having begun Jan. 1, 2022. And when I don't, I quickly catch up.. plus I admit I also HAVE to read ahead sometimes.

This is a TREASURE!!! Stories of knights of the Roundtable that I've never ever heard (not that I am all that knowledgeable to begin with), and best of all, powerful stimulus for ancestral awakenings and inspiration. Thank you FOREVER, John and Caitlín, for all you have given us, including this gorgeous wellspring of story and magic.

Final Update:
Oh how I hated to say goodbye on the afternoon of Dec. 31 (yesterday). What an absolutely mesmerizing daily practice this ended up being. I know that the Matthews wrote this decades ago, but of course that's nothing in comparison to centuries of lore and stories. And for me, it was a revelation -- filled with tales I'd never heard, names I'd never read, and imagination illuminated day in and day out for 12 full months of history and Mystery.

Again, my deepest gratitude to John and Caitlín for their diligence and scholarship. It has been a beautiful, sometimes harrowing, always magical journey. A gift of a lifetime.
… (mere)
BethOwl | 4 andre anmeldelser | Jan 24, 2024 |
I picked this up when I was taking a class 'The Celtic World'. The class was fascinating; debunking many of the myths and long held beliefs about where the Celts came from and where they ended up. The professor's particular bugbear was the so-called ancient Celtic spiritual rituals - rituals which have been created and/or developed in the modern world by people searching for a spiritual connection to nature.
This book is subtitled 'A Guide to Celtic Spirituality and Wisdom'. It is very silly. There are tidbits of actual history and actual legend to be gleaned if you dig hard enough, but - the bibliography is minimal and consists mostly of New Age Hipsters blathering on about distorted legends. In fact, of the books listed, 9 are written by the author herself. To be fair, she has included one or two historical documents, like Monmouth's History, but if she did read them, she took them as gospel, rather than fairy tale or mythical legend.
Don't bother with this.
… (mere)
LeslieHolm | May 19, 2022 |



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