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Jake's Magical Market (2021) 38 eksemplarer
Portal to Nova Roma (2022) 20 eksemplarer
Portal to Nova Roma: Venice (2022) 11 eksemplarer
Portal to Nova Roma: The Rhine (2023) 10 eksemplarer

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I really liked this. A bit of mixed genre book that is changing over time and keeps the story interesting.
Most important part is probably that is a litrpg book based on cards. Gaining cards from monsters, leveling cards by stacking lowelevel cards to get a higher one or combining cards to get differnts.
The story begins with a system apocalypse like event. The MC one of the few human survivors. He keeps the shop open that he was working in and soon makes friends with non-humand coming by that teach him the basics of cards and progressing.
But that is just the first part later he discovers what happened to most of the other survivors, then he travels to a different world and from there the story evolves even further.
I didn't expect this amount of different settings the MC has to find his way in. Refreshing was to see that he even has to do some bad things to reach his goals and even more unique he has to struggle with his own guilt about it.
Very nice and i am hoping to see the next book in this series soon.
… (mere)
Wolkenfels | Feb 25, 2023 |
A.I. builds itself a body and finds a "fantasy" world with magic in it.
First critique I am really not a fan of guns in fantasy settings.
Not only for that but overall the MC has it way too easy, gets perks and skills all the time makes first time discoveries with special treasures and and and.. Also his grenade idea is so easy in that magic system it is not likely noone else in that world hadn't invented them before.
The book concentrates on making the MC more powerful but forgets about weaving a story around it. Also all relationships are shallow. Even his protege girl is just another tool for him to get more powerful. 3 stars for the class system and the writing itself.… (mere)
Wolkenfels | Feb 25, 2023 |

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